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Football notes: Hugo suspended for ASU game

By Maxx Wolfson
Tuesday November 20, 2001

UA starting tight end James Hugo has been suspended for Friday's in-state rivalry game against Arizona State.

Arizona head coach John Mackovic could not say why Hugo was suspended because of a new athletic department policy.

Hugo, who has 10 catches for 56 yards and a touchdown in ten games this year, will be replaced by sophomore tight end Justin Levasseur. It will be his second start of the year.

Mackovic said he would like to get his running backs more involved in the passing game against ASU Friday.

That doesn't mean the Arizona offense is going to start looking like the NFL's St. Louis Rams, but it could spell more catches for sophomore Clarence Farmer.

Farmer caught a 43-yard touchdown pass from junior quarterback Jason Johnson two weeks ago against Stanford.

The touchdown was only his third catch of the season. The other two had been for a loss of one yard.

"Our backs should be much more involved (in the passing game)," Mackovic said.

Mackovic said the Wildcats have used numerous screen passes in practice but have shied away from using the play during games, opting instead to use the tailback as a blocker.

"For most of the Pac-10 season we have been more protection-conscious than release-conscious," Mackovic said.

Sophomore halfback Anthony Fulcher leads all backs with 10 catches for 115 yards.

As if there isn't enough on the line already Friday afternoon, this year's winner will receive the Territorial Cup, which will be given to the winner after a 20-plus year hiatus.

The trophy, which was registered with the NCAA over the summer, is the oldest recognized trophy exchanged between college rivals in America, eclipsing the Little Brown Jug, awarded to the winner of the Michigan-Minnesota game.

The trophy was found in a church basement several years ago when the structure was being demolished.

It was first presented to Tempe Normal (now ASU) on Nov. 30, 1899 after an 11-2 victory over UA at Tucson's Carillo Gardens Field.

The Big Game Trophy will be handed out to the game's Most Valuable Player Friday.

Mackovic announced his game captains early in the week for Friday's game, the first time all season the names have been announced before kickoff.

The three captains, who were voted on by the players, are all seniors - offensive lineman Steven Grace, safety Brandon Nash and defensive tackle Anthony Thomas.

"They all have had positive influences and have played positive roles," Mackovic said. "They have all played through bumps and bruises, and they are people respected by their peers."

Mackovic said the captains were elected by the players, who were allowed up to five votes. Grace, Nash and Thomas received the majority of the votes.

In the last 15 minutes of Mackovic's weekly press conference, the topic of conversation turned from his strategy against Arizona State to his thoughts on books and even ideas for a biography of his own.

"I would write two different books after I retire," Mackovic said. "One would be a book about myself that I would not publish and give to my family and the other would be a book about Arizona going to the Rose Bowl. That would be the biggest story in college football at the time when we go to Pasadena."

The topic of Mackovic's own book came up after he brought up one of his favorite novels - "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu.

The book - which was written nearly 2,000 years ago - has gained popularity recently.

"The Art of War" is the first known attempt to formulate a rational basis for the planning and conduct of military operations.

Many football coaches have applied the book to football.

Mackovic used a strategy from the book - 'the essence of war is deception' - when describing the ASU defense that supposedly has no weaknesses despite using an eight-man front during most of the game.



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