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Letters to the Editor

Wednesday November 28, 2001

Anger toward parking employee misdirected

Amanda Johnson obviously doesn't know what she is talking about. I am a student and a Parking and Transportation employee here, and she is obviously ignorant of the contract she signed and the policies here. When Amanda received her permit, she agreed not to use it on game days. This policy is not Parking's fault, it is the Athletic Department's policy that we have to follow. If she is going to be shooting her mouth off, she should know who she is aiming it at.

Oh, and she left the part out where she mentions that she didn't have her permit with her on Sunday. If you are too irresponsible to bring your permit, you are not allowed admittance anyway. Nice try, Amanda. And on a personal note, referring to the cashier as a "stupid cow" only seems to be a reflection on yourself.

Jessica Campbell
philosophy sophomore

Likins address hypocritical

On Sept. 11, UA President Peter Likins addressed the campus community: "We are a University community. We gather people from all races and religions of the world, and we all belong here..." This is not true for the traditional Apache whose religion requires no telescope development on Mt. Graham.

In pursuit of the project, UA has become the first university in U.S. history to (1) pursue exemption from all cultural and religious laws via, not one, but two congressional legislative riders, (2) to implement a campaign to destroy the culture and religion of an indigenous people, (3) to litigate in Court against an indigenous people's religious protection rights and (4) to arrest an Apache leader for trespassing while returning from praying on his peoples' sacred grounds.

For 20 years prior to the start of construction, the university knew of Mt. Graham's central sacred importance to the traditional Apache. This fact remains unchanged today.

Someday, maybe all cultures and religions will truly be included in our university community; however, this can never be the case as long as the Mt. Graham travesty continues. Bear down, President Likins - end this historic stain on the university's conscience.

Robin D. Silver, M.D.
UA Alumnus

Wildcat distorts greek judicial board

As a second-year justice of the Greek Judicial Board, I do not agree with statements made in the Wildcat's editorial published yesterday. The purpose of the board is to work alongside GAMMA (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol) and maintain the standards set forth by the greek community at the University of Arizona.

During my term on the board, there has never been a greek organization that has gone unpunished for violation of GAMMA or Code of Conduct policies. This precedent will also be used when Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Chi come before the board to discuss the MIPs received by members of those houses. GAMMA regulations are enforced at all fraternity and sorority events, which are in fact checked by representatives of GAMMA, Greek Life Coordinators, IFC and Panhellenic representatives and the Chief Justice of the Greek Judicial Board.

The Greek Judicial Board takes violations very seriously. The board has issued sanctions to many houses, including social probation, mandatory presentations on the dangers of alcohol consumption and community service. The board also has the authority to recommend that the University of Arizona revoke the charters of greek organizations and has exercised this right in the past. At any given time any number of greek organizations may be serving sanctions that the general university community is unaware of. The Daily Wildcat has distorted the responsibility the greek community at the University of Arizona has taken to regulate itself.

Megan Short
Greek Judicial Board Justice
marketing and business management senior

Alumni Plaza should not be built

I must strongly concur with Matthew Muhm's letter in Thursday's Wildcat. Our Mall has been defiled enough. If the architects truly wanted to give the students of the UA an open place to hang out, they would leave it alone. Mr. Muhm hit it right on the nose in his letter when he pointed out the sheer stupidity of tearing up an open space, the Mall, to create open space, the Alumni Plaza. The way the architects talk makes one wonder if they think before they open their mouths.

Silas Montgomery
undeclared freshman

Alumni band deserve thanks

As members of the Pride of Arizona marching band, we wanted to offer our sincere thanks to the UA alumni band. They have put so much time and effort into supporting the band all year; feeding us, playing at community events and showing up to root us on throughout our season.

Just this past weekend many of them traveled to Tempe for the football game versus ASU. Not only did they hike half a mile strait up the bleachers to sit in the nose-bleed section, they sat way up there and played their hearts out. It was so amazing for us to walk into Sundevil stadium to "Bear Down" and walk back out chanting "U of A" with them. They contributed so much to the game and to the entire season. Thank you, alumni band.

Ty Deyoe & Amy Carpenter
Students, Pride of Arizona members


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