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Another student assaulted near campus

By Arek Sarkissian II
Monday December 3, 2001

Some students say they feel uneasy on campus at night

An attempted sexual assault on Tuesday night left a UA student beaten and others concerned for their safety as they walk or ride their bikes at night.

A 25-year-old architecture student was riding home on her bike Tuesday night when she was reportedly beaten by the suspect.

Sgt. Judy Altieri, a Tucson Police Department spokeswoman, said the incident is not related to two earlier assaults in the University of Arizona area, nor did the suspect succeed in sexually assaulting the victim.

The victim was traveling north on North Campbell Avenue when she noticed a dark-colored car following slowly. She then turned east onto East Waverly Street and as she neared Sierra Vista Drive, the car bumped the back of the bike, causing her to fall.

The suspect then exited the vehicle and began to assault her. In the process, the victim said the suspect tried to pull down her pants.

The victim's screaming prompted an area resident to call police.

Tuesday's incident is the second attempted sexual assault at the University of Arizona area this year. On Oct. 18, two students were walking on campus when a man physically assaulted and attempted to sexually assault both of the students.

On Oct. 3, a UA student was both physically and sexually assaulted in her home on the 800 block of East Adams Street. On Oct. 31, a Tucson woman was sexually assaulted. Police say the same man committed both crimes but are still searching for the suspect.

Memos from School of Architecture Dean Chuck Albanese were posted on both the front door and in the halls of the Architecture Building, warning students to use the buddy system while walking anywhere on campus during the evening.

One student who was in the Architecture building yesterday questioned the measures police have been taking to ensure the safety of students.

"TPD and UAPD should be on heightened security," said Sarah Glauser, a classic civilizations sophomore. "It seems like everything, like the blue light phones haven't been doing their job."

One architecture student said that although a parking lot behind the Architecture building is normally empty after hours, she still has to park in Park Avenue Garage - a walk that leaves her uneasy.

"I don't feel safe walking in the (Olive Street) underpass, and I'd rather park in back, but I've gotten too many tickets," said Megan Howard, an architecture senior.

Howard said she regularly arrives to work in the Architecture lab at 7 p.m. and normally does not leave until much later.

Another Architecture student said that although she and her friends always walk in groups, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona SafeRide program does not cover a wide enough area.

"We should have a riding company that goes off campus," said Melinda Turner, an architecture sophomore.

Turner said she is one of many students who live in the general area where the assaults are occurring.


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