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Hull appoints 2 new regents

By Cyndy Cole
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday Jan. 10, 2002

Nominees must still be confirmed by state Senate

Republican Gov. Jane Dee Hull nominated two Arizona businessmen for the Arizona Board of Regents last month.

Regents Judy Gignac of Sierra Vista and Hank Amos of Tucson will be ending their eight-year terms on the board of regents upon state Senate confirmation of new board members.

But the confirmation process could take several months, said Greg Fahey, associate vice president for government relations.

Nominee Fred Boice was formerly the president of the University of Arizona Foundation and is a UA alumnus.

Boice said his first concern is the recent 4.56 percent cut in state funding to Arizona universities.

"We obviously have to do something to get our finances in order so that we can maintain our faculty we must retain first-rate faculty, so we can produce first-rate graduates," he said.

Boice currently, is the board chairman of a furniture company, Caseworks Manufacturing Co., and a director of the Tucson Chamber of Commerce.

He was also the president of the Arizona Cattlegrowers Association and has been a director of the Pima Savings and Loan Association, Northern Trust Bank of Arizona and the Tucson Airport Authority.

Bob Bulla, the other board of regents nominee, said he has not outlined specific goals at this point but is also concerned with university finances. As a regent, Bulla said his job will be to "get facts, analyze issues and come up with good solutions."

Bulla, an Arizona State University alumnus, is CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona. He has also been on the boards of the Phoenix Urban League, the Arizona Indian Centers and Samaritan Health Services, and is a member of the President's Club at each of the three universities.

"Bob brings a strong financial background and broad knowledge of the state's rapidly changing population to the board," Hull said in a press release.

Bulla said he thought he was nominated for his business experience, but he does not want to be known only for his business background nor for his stance on any one issue.

Outgoing regents Amos and Gignac were both on the board for the creation of Arizona International College, and Amos was the only regent who voted against the closure of the fledgling liberal arts college last November.

Amos has also repeatedly supported measures designed to ensure that UA students graduate in four years and has asked that the UA measure graduation rates according to who graduates in four years, not six as is the custom.

Gignac was so reluctant to leave the board that she asked Hull for reappointment. But the governor denied her request.

"These eight years have been an absolute blast," Gignac said. "I don't think I've enjoyed anything as much as I have being on the board of regents."

Gignac said sitting on the board of regents was time consuming. On average, she spent 20 hours a week doing board of regents work.

Her advice to incoming regents: "It takes time to understand what is going on and get a feel for solutions. Find time to give this job the time it deserves."

The board of regents is the governing body of the three Arizona universities and is responsible for appropriating funds and approving or denying university proposals such as construction and the academic calendar.

The board is composed of 12 members, eight of whom are appointed by the governor to serve eight-year terms. Two students, one of whom is non-voting, serve on the board and Hull and Superintendent of Public Instruction Jaime Molera serve as ex-officio members.

The next board of regents meeting will take place Jan. 31 to Feb. 1 at ASU.


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