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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday Jan. 15, 2002

Police arrested a Tucson man twice on Saturday after a witness asked police, "Did you see that guy pissing at the bus stop?" reports stated.

Police were at the Texaco on East Sixth Street and North Park Avenue when they were told about a man urinating at a nearby bus stop.

"I looked over and saw the stream and just couldn't believe the guy was pissing right there," the witness told police.

Police saw the suspect trying to buy beer at UA Liquors, 1002 E. Sixth St. John Thomas, 48, of a general delivery address, told police he was urinating in public because he had a medical condition and had a lawyer for a past urinating in public charge, reports stated.

Police noticed an odor of intoxicants on his breath but did not think he was a danger to others at the scene. Thomas was cited for suspicion of criminal nuisance and released, reports stated.

Thomas was warned not to return to the liquor store.

Another witness later approached police and told them Thomas had been thrown out of the Texaco gas station. Officers spoke to a Texaco employee who told them the man had been asked to leave three times in the last 15 minutes, reports stated.

The employee told police that the man was wandering around the store but had never asked to use the restroom, reports stated.

Three and a half hours later, police returned to UA Liquors because an employee believed that Thomas had stolen some peanuts, reports stated.

Police spoke to the employee and Thomas, who was still eating the peanuts. The employee told police that the suspect laid his head on the peanut display, grabbed a bag and began eating the contents, reports stated.

Thomas told police he didn't have any money to pay for the nuts.

The employee wished to press charges since Thomas had already been warned for trespassing at the store.

Thomas was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting and trespassing, reports stated. The opened bag of peanuts was photographed, and Thomas was taken to Pima County Jail. The photo was placed into evidence at the University of Arizona Police Department.

A University of Arizona student received three harassing phone calls Thursday, including one in which the caller said "my cock is so hard," reports stated.

The UA student received the harassing calls around 5 a.m. at Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall, 1010 N. Park Ave. The student thought the caller may have been her boyfriend when the caller said "I need you baby," reports stated.

The student hung the phone up when she realized that it wasn't her boyfriend. The same voice called back twice. On the third call, the student hung up and tried to trace the call, reports stated.

The student was unable to get the phone number of the suspected caller. She does not want to prosecute, reports stated.

There are no suspects at this time.

Fireworks were set off outside a campus fraternity house Sunday morning, reports stated.

A member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, 1525 E. Drachman St., heard fireworks going off at about 2:20 a.m. When the members went outside of the fraternity house, they saw eight cardboard packages of fireworks, reports stated.

One member walked to the south side of the house to look for people lighting off the fireworks, when a small pack exploded nearby.

The student then saw three men with brownish hair walking northbound on North Cherry Avenue near East Drachman Street.

The men told him that they were neighbors and heard the explosions. The student did not question the men because one of them had a gun in his pocket. The man told him that it was just a pellet gun, and the three neighbors walked away, reports stated.

The student told police he was unsure who set off the fireworks and that he didn't see anyone else in the area. Police were unable to find anyone in the area who could have been responsible, reports stated.

Members of the fraternity threw the fireworks out.

A student's $1,100 bicycle was stolen from a campus building Friday, reports stated.

The student told police that he locked the bike at 9:30 a.m. to the racks near the Music building, 1017 N. Olive Road. When the student returned at 4:15 p.m., the mountain bike was gone. The student has about seven bike and skateboarding stickers on his bicycle, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at


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