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Letters to the Editor

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday Feb. 4, 2002

ASUA is working hard to fix kinks

Well, Mr. Frantzman is at it again in his Thursday letter. His endless stream of criticism stretches even from beyond the shores of this country. Seth describes the cancellation of CatKraze with such vigor that one would expect to see the "arrogant" and "profiteering" student representatives dancing with glee around a pile of money that they had snatched away from tuition. In fact, everyone I've spoken with in ASUA is extremely disappointed that the cancellation was necessary. The other problems with concerts this year were due to conflicts on the part of the performers. ASUAers have also told me the pressure they feel to provide the students with a fabulous spring concert to make up for the unfortunate state of events so far. As a student, I'm thankful that at least one organization on campus has been making serious attempts throughout the year to bring entertainment to campus.

As far as the impeachment of our "eminent" student body president, it's not a wonder Mr. Frantzman is looking for blood. Need I remind you, Seth, that we both ran against him last year and lost.

As a former member of ASUA, I can relate to both the frustrations of the students who wonder where their money goes and to the efforts of representatives who struggle with classes, work and advocating for over 40,000 students each day. ASUA is learning the ups and downs of bringing large-scale concerts to the university. I'm sure that things can only go up from here.

Seth, I admire your dedication to the UA, I really do, but have fun on your semester abroad instead of worrying about things that a lot of students are working to fix.

Tiffany Podbielski
political science senior

Student unfairly isolates hall mates

Ingrid Lindstrom: You have arrogantly attacked everyone who lives in a residence hall who is a smoker, a drinker or both. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read your letter in (Thursday's) Wildcat. Guess what, Ingrid? I happen to know people who are both smokers and drinkers (and who also partake in what most people refer to as "pot") who are not only passing their classes but doing well in them. College is designed to act as a dual learning device: 1) To prepare you academically for whatever field you choose to go into; and, 2) To prepare you socially for things that real people encounter on a daily basis. It is truly sad that you seem to have neglected the social aspect of college, for that is largely what makes college a memorable experience. Something you must realize is that, as you mentioned, the housing situation on campus is horrendous this year. An apt question to ask is: How many students were faced with the choice to live in the substance-free dorm or to not have housing at all? Why don't you ask some of your hall mates if they wanted to be living in Hopi and see what sort of answers you get? Also, you must know that not every dorm on campus requires a substance-free agreement. Would these people you write about be breaking the rules in a dorm without an agreement? Probably not. Let me fill you in on another excellent anecdote about people, Ingrid: The vast majority of people don't drink themselves into "a bathroom stall at a trashy bar" situation. Perhaps your views on alcohol are somewhat jaded due to the fact that the people you have been around do not practice an idea that I believe everyone should champion: moderation in all things. Having a few drinks with some friends is fun. Drinking a bottle of vodka by yourself is not so fun. There is a line to be drawn between drinking socially for fun and alcoholism; this is a line you refuse to acknowledge.

You have no right to be so judgmental of people, Ingrid. You have carelessly stereotyped a large population of the campus, and that's not fair. You should rethink your biased views on drugs and alcohol in a different context. Human beings have been drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco and pot for centuries. Deal with it.

Ian Williams

psychology freshman


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