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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday Feb. 5, 2002

A student was arrested after she vomited in the UMC emergency room Saturday, reports stated.

A nurse at the University Medical Center, 1550 N. Campbell Ave., called police after she saw that an 18-year-old student was extremely drunk in the emergency room, reports stated.

Alissa Konier, 18, of the 800 block of East Fifth Street, told officers she drank a couple of beers. Officers noticed she had trouble moving, slurred speech and bloodshot eyes, reports stated.

Konier's friends told police they were at a date dash at the Clarion Hotel and that Konier had been drinking hard alcohol, reports stated.

Medical personnel tested the student's urine and learned she had a blood alcohol level of .298 percent, reports stated.

She was cited and released on suspicion of being a minor in possession of alcohol, reports stated.

A student told police they were "cool" Saturday morning after being arrested for drunk driving, reports stated.

Police arrived at North Campbell Avenue and East Third Street at 6 a.m. after a man said he had just been in a car accident. Officers checked both cars for injuries and spoke to the other driver, John Christenson, 21, of the 2100 block of East Sixth Street, reports stated.

Officers noticed Christenson swayed when he was walking and had an odor of alcohol coming from him. They could also see a bottle of alcohol on the console of his car, reports stated.

"Haven't you guys ever had a few drinks and driven home?" he asked officers.

Christenson took some field sobriety tests and was transported to University of Arizona Police Department where he was administered a breath analysis test, reports stated.

"I can't believe I did this, but you guys are so cool about it," he told an officer while being driven to UAPD.

Christenson had a blood alcohol content of .118 percent, reports stated.

At the station, he asked officers if he could beat the charges with a really good lawyer.

Police told him that only a lawyer could answer his question, reports stated.

Christenson was cited and released on suspicion of unsafe turning in the middle of a block, no proof of insurance, driving under the influence while being impaired to the slightest degree and DUI with a blood alcohol content greater than .08 percent, reports stated.

His car was towed, and he took a cab home.

A crossbow, two handguns and some marijuana were found in a juvenile's car Sunday near campus, reports stated.

Police pulled over the male on East Second Street and North Euclid Avenue because he only had one headlight. While speaking with the driver and the passengers, officers noticed an odor of burnt marijuana in the car. They were given permission to search the vehicle.

Police found two handguns, one with its serial numbers scratched off, reports stated. Officers also found a crossbow in the trunk.

The driver, who was unable to produce a driver's license, proof of insurance or registration, told police he knew of one of the weapons, but had forgotten about the other. He said both guns were his, reports stated.

A Tucson Police Department K9 unit arrived and searched the car. They found some burnt marijuana butts and asked whom they belonged to. The two passengers and the driver all denied ownership of the vehicle.

Because the marijuana was found in the same seat as the passenger, he was charged with possessing the substance. Mario Martinez, 19, of the 1300 block of East Hedrick Street, was arrested and booked into Pima County Jail on suspicion of unlawful possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, reports stated.

The driver was detained and taken to Pima County Juvenile Court on suspicion of possessing a defaced and deadly weapon and two charges of weapons misconduct, reports stated.

The other passenger was allowed to leave.

The guns, crossbow and drugs were taken to UAPD as evidence, reports stated.

A student found two cans of Milwaukee's Best Light beer in his residence hall Saturday, reports stated.

The student saw a purse in the third floor hallway of Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall, 1440 E. Fifth St. Officers saw that the two cans of beer were in the purse.

Resident assistants searched the area but were unable to find the owner. Officers dumped the contents of the beer down a sink.

The purse was placed into UAPD for safekeeping, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at


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