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Letters to the Editor

By Wildcat readers
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday Feb. 5, 2002

Note from the editor:

Due to an editing error, Friday's letter 'Enlightened' man says Hopi residents 'saved by God,'" was incorrectly attributed to Bruce Edmunds, who said he is a political science senior and resident of Hopi Lodge. After further research, the Wildcat has discovered this person is not a student at UA.

Because the public has reacted strongly to the matter, the Wildcat will publish several of the responses it has received but will not print any other letters regarding the matter after that.

The Wildcat regrets the error.

ASUA 'must continue to respond'

In response to recent letters to the editor regarding ASUA, I would argue that the Associated Students of the University of Arizona are not a disgrace, and ASUA does indeed have experience planning concerts on this campus. Let me first clarify that the 311 concert was not booked nor advertised because the band never accepted the bid. Better Than Ezra was canceled as a result of a lack of student interest. There were two banners on campus, flyers available, daily ads in the Wildcat and several e-mails to listservs. It is unfortunate that a $35,500 loss was taken; however, approximately $20,000 in additional expenses would have been incurred and lost if the concert had proceeded.

The criticisms based on facts and others on pure mistaken information have been heard. ASUA serves as a representative and advocacy group for the entire student body. In this capacity, we provide programming and services based on students' needs and requests. ASUA has effectively responded to such (needs and requests), including student safety and academic advising. We have also attempted to address students' call for concerts through UARocks Spring 2001, Counting Crows Concert and CatFest 2001. Both events were in collaboration with University Activity Board. ASUA's experience in planning and executing successful concerts dates back to the 1980s.

In this period, ASUA held annual concerts in AZ Stadium. The lack of large concerts on this campus in recent years prompted us to again assume the concerts role. The ASUA special events director position has existed for at least five years and will continue to exist.

It is my belief that in order to effectively represent students, ASUA must continue to respond to all students' needs to the best of our ability. We will continue to serve students and provide SafeRide services, free legal services, student lobbying at the state and national level and the myriad of other services we provide. Please contact me with any further suggestions or concerns.

Bear Down.

Ray Quintero
ASUA president

Fundamentalists a 'real danger'

I would like to thank Mr. Bruce Edmunds for reminding us that crazy religious fundamentalists do not just live in backwards, third world countries ending in "stan" in his Friday letter. They live among us right here in America. If Mr. Edmunds doesn't want to live in a dorm where he has to live with "homosexuals and murders," I suggest that he transfer to a "Christian" college where they will be more interested in accommodating his ugly, narrow-minded views. As for "manufacturing" drug violations to pursue his own personal vendetta, is this moral or enlightened?

What happened to "Thou shall not lie?" Change "Moslems" to "Christians" and add women to his little rant, and he could be a perfect spokesman for the Taliban's Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. I believe that they also considered themselves to be "God's Police."

In his letter, I read nothing that convinced me of Mr. Edmunds' "enlightenment" despite the fact that he uses the word four times. Saying it doesn't make it so, Mr. Edmunds. Right now, the real danger all over the world is paranoid, mindless religious fundamentalists. Most of the world has left the 17th century behind. This is your invitation to grow up and join the 21st century.

Erin Brannon
environmental sciences freshman

Mis-diagnosis of schizophrenia

This letter is in response to Tatiana Covington's letter in the Friday Wildcat, regarding John Walker Lindh. Before attempting to diagnose him as a schizophrenic, maybe she needs to review the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) to make a more accurate diagnosis. The diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia is as follows (a person must present two or more of these criteria for a significant period of time during one month): delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech (OK, she got one), grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior, or negative symptoms (affective flattening, alogia or avolition), which may be accompanied by hearing voices. The median age for male onset of schizophrenia is mid-20s, not 16. Also, schizophrenia is not completely due to genetics, there are environmental factors that may contribute to this disorder.

While I do agree with her that schizophrenia is a serious disorder, it certainly is not a good idea to have people not educated in the fields of psychology/psychiatry throwing around that label on anyone they feel should not be punished.

Katie Chapman
psychology junior


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