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Wildcat football squad cleans house for family visits

By Maxx Wolfson

Friday October 26, 2001

Clarence Farmer can take it to the house, but can he clean it?

The sophomore will likely spend today thinking more about mops and dusters than Trojans - the tailback's family is coming to town today from Houston for Arizona's annual Family Weekend, where the Wildcats will take on Southern California tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.

"So far my mother, father and my brother are coming out, but my sisters won't be able to make it," he said. "To me, it's going to be something to look forward to because I have played seven games this year and they haven't seen me play.

"I've got to mop the floors and clean my room so my mom won't have to worry about that and she can be happy with me."

Farmer isn't the only UA player expecting family this weekend. At least 170 family members are expected to come for the game, according to Dan Berezowitz, UA's director of football operations.

Head coach John Mackovic put running backs coach Bobby Kennedy in charge of the weekend's festivities.

"I think we are doing some neat things for the families," Kennedy said. "We are going to have a barbecue on the practice field, the mothers are going to get mums, and one person from each family will get to wear a jersey for the pre-game."

Kennedy said the UA coaching staff - made up of primarily of newcomers to the program - are going to try meet as many parents as possible.

"It's good for us because being first-year coaches, we haven't met most of the families. They are going to get to meet with academic people if they have any questions about that."

Unlike Farmer, freshman quarterback Nic Costa won't have to worry about cleaning his room before his mom and his grandparents arrive from Aloha, Oregon today.

"My dorm is actually pretty nice right now," Costa said. "My roommate and I keep it pretty clean."

Another freshman - offensive lineman Keoki Fraser - said he is excited to see his parents, who are flying in from Kailua, Hawaii.

"I haven't seen them for awhile," Fraser said. "They are going to be at the hotel - if they come over, I'll clean. If not, it's going to stay the same."

Players won't have much time to see their families tomorrow because of the game but should have most of the day on Sunday to spend with them.

The Texans on the team are preparing a big ol' Texas cookout for Sunday.

"All the Texas boys are going to get together and do a little somethin'-somethin'," Farmer said. "It's going to be old style."

One player's family who will not be attending will be senior wide receiver Malosi Leonard.

Leonard's younger brother, Matt, is a starting defensive tackle at Stanford and will play host to Leonard's parents when the Cardinal take on No. 4 UCLA Saturday.

Not that Malosi Leonard doesn't understand.

"They are going to watch that game," Leonard said. "Something about that game being a little more important, I don't know. Stanford is 4-1 and UCLA is undefeated - you got to give it to them."

Kennedy said the players should benefit from the family visits.

"I know when my parents were in the stands it was important to me, so hopefully it gives them a little added incentive and a little motivation," he said.

Mackovic agreed.

"I think any time your family is here - especially if your family makes a special effort to come this week - I think the guy feels differently about the game," Mackovic said.


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