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      Alien Ant Farm and Pressure 4-5

Interview by Adam Pugh
Photos by Eric M. Juklevics


- Monday, October 1st, 2001

Interview with Adam Rich of Pressure 4-5

Pressure 4-5 is:
Adam Rich - Vocals
Mark Barry - Guitar
Joe Schmidt - Guitar
Lyle Mckeany - Bass
Tom Schmidt - Drums

Wildcat: What are your live shows like?

-When we get onstage we like to get everyone into what we are playing - we like to be approachable. It sucks when you pay 20 bucks, and the band does not even acknowledge you.

Wildcat: What is the most interesting show you have played?

-Last summer, before we were signed - we went to the Mason Jar in Phoenix. The van had no air conditioning, and we were going down the highway pouring jugs of water on ourselves. It was a blistering day and we made this huge trip to only play for 20 people. It was totally worth it.

Wildcat: How did you get involved with Ozzfest?

-Our management and booking agent pulled for us - someone heard our stuff and liked it. We were one of the last bands to get added to the tour.

Wildcat: What was the best part of the tour?

- When we did Ozzfest, we didn't play on the same stage as Black Sabbath, but it was the same as playing with them. That was probably the coolest experience. I was really into Linkin Park - their live show kicks ass, and American Head Charge also got the crowd going. You cannot deny the intensity of their live performance.

Wildcat: How many shows do you think you have played?

-We have played over 200 shows; we try to play as much as possible - no place is too shitty for us.

Wildcat: What is the story behind the 4-5?

-Our friend had a studio called 154 - in a barn - that's where we would make our demos. There were literally pigs and goats outside. Joe (The DJ) played on our first EP. Sometimes he would not show up for shows so we would never know how many people would be there at one time. That's how we got the 4-5.

We had him (Joe) play guitar instead of turntables - and we were all really stoked - so now when we play live we can pull off stuff we recorded in the studio.

Wildcat: What has changed with the band and touring since you were signed to a major label?

-Basically, we got some freedom in the studio. We had more time and access to equipment that was good gear and spent some time crafting our songs. We had four weeks to write new songs and work on old songs - it gave us a chance to structure the album.

-We normally travel in a van. We got a tour bus for Ozzfest but that did not last too long. We want to work for all of our stuff and not be handed anything - we want to show people we are willing to work for this.

- We are really stoked to have our song played by radio stations. It's awesome to hear your song on the radio; it's mind-boggling.

Wildcat: How does the band come together to write songs? Is it collaborative or an individual effort?

-Usually someone will bring a riff into practice and we will go off that. Musically, it is 100 percent collective with the band - everyone has their two cents in the process. I write most of the lyrics, but that comes last - so I have an idea of how to structure things.

Wildcat: Have you started writing for a new album, or do you guys take a break when you're on the road?

-We are always writing - you cannot just stop. We don't want to take two months off to write an album.

Wildcat: If a critic were to compare you to another band, who would it be?

-People have said we sound like Failure and Helmet - I don't know why - but that is awesome.

Wildcat: What did it take for you guys to get noticed?

-We played as many shows as possible - eventually we played a show in Hollywood at the Troubadour. Some guys saw us play and we made a demo and used it so we could have a nice recording. DreamWorks got hold of it and liked what they heard. They were not trying to sign us because someone else was.

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Pressure 4-5

Adam Rich

Lyle McKeany

Mark Barry

Alien Ant Farm

Dryden Mitchell

Terence Corso (rear)

Tye Zamora



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