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UA News
Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 16, 2002

Stolen laptop

Police do not know who took a $3,299 laptop from a campus building Wednesday, reports stated.

An operations manager at the Music building, 1017 N. Olive Ave., told police that the laptop was last seen at 10:15 a.m. inside a first-floor control room. Employees noticed the computer missing approximately 25 minutes later.

Employees said that there are usually a lot of people around the control room. If the computer was stolen, the thief must have stolen the computer on one of the occasions when the room was unoccupied, reports stated.

Police believe the suspect entered the room, which is locked by an electronic combination keypad, through a large sliding-glass window. Employees noticed the door-sized window was left open just after the computer was missing. Police tried to take fingerprints off the computer cord, but were unsuccessful, reports stated.

The employee who last saw the computer and the students with whom he was working, told officers they didn't notice anyone suspicious in the area, reports stated.

There are no suspects or witnesses.

Outstanding warrants

A Tucson man was arrested near campus Wednesday after police learned he had outstanding warrants, reports stated.

Officers stopped the 41-year-old man near North Euclid Avenue and East Second Street when they saw that his vehicle's registration had expired.

Police ran a background check on the man and learned that he had a warrant for domestic violence and criminal damage, reports stated.

The man could not produce any proof of insurance or any current registration, reports stated.

He was arrested and taken to Pima County Jail on suspicion of not having any proof of insurance or registration and having outstanding warrants, reports stated.

A Tucson man was taken to jail Wednesday after police found him sleeping on a campus-area bench, reports stated.

The man was asleep on the bus stop at 5:55 p.m. at the corner of East Speedway Boulevard and North Park Avenue, reports stated.

Police awoke and identified the man. They ran a background check and learned that the man had a warrant issued for his arrest for drinking a malt beverage in a park without a permit and for drinking alcohol in public, reports stated.

The man was arrested on suspicion of having outstanding warrants and taken to Pima County Jail.

Stolen bicycles

A $1600 BMX bike was stolen from a campus residence hall Wednesday, reports stated.

The UA student locked up his bike Tuesday night at La Paz Residence Hall, 602 N. Highland Ave. When he returned the next day, the bike and lock were gone.

The student told officers that his bike was unique because it had customized red handle grips and a flame-colored seat, reports stated.

A UA student's bike was stolen from a campus residence hall last week, reports stated.

The man used a cable to lock his bike to the racks near the Gila Residence Hall, 1009 E. North Campus Drive, on Sept. 7. When he returned two days later, his mountain bike was missing.

There are no suspects and no witnesses. The student didn't notice anyone suspicious in the area when he locked his bike.

Attempted car theft

A UA student's car was broken into last week while parked on campus, reports stated.

The student parked his car Monday at 1616 E. First St. When he returned to the car Wednesday evening he noticed that his car was damaged. The student's driver-side lock was punched in and the ignition switch had been cracked, reports stated.

The student told police that his key would no longer start the car's ignition.

No items were missing from the car. Police were unable to take any fingerprints. There are no suspects and no witnesses, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at


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