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Section Header
Pike fraternity will appeal suspension

By Cara O'Connor
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Friday January 24, 2003

Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, also known as Pike, will appeal UA's decision to withdraw recognition of the fraternity after various conduct violations.

The appeal has to be made to the University Hearing Board, composed of students, faculty and staff who will essentially decide the fate of the fraternity on campus.

How long it will take the board to make a decision regarding the fate of the fraternity on campus is unknown.

If the appeal is unsuccessful, Pike will not be eligible to receive recognition again until December 2005. Without recognition the organization will not be able to use university facilities under the fraternity's name, will not be able to participate in rush or homecoming, and will be barred from all other university activities.

Pike fraternity was disciplined for three probation violations before the most recent offense.

The fraternity was originally placed on probation in February 2001 for hazing violations.

Pike violated that probation in October 2001 and again in March 2002 when members were involved in several fights.

On Sept. 13, Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) found alcohol at a dry party held by the fraternity.

When a GAMMA representative arrived he found six non-members possessing alcohol and was offered a cup of hard liquor, Kowalski said.

The case was heard by the Greek judicial board, and Pike was found responsible.

Pike then appealed to Associate Dean Jim Durnick, who confirmed the previous decision. The fraternity's recognition was formally revoked on Dec. 13.

Prior to the September violation, the fraternity was required to perform 500 hours of community service, revise its new membership education program and give a presentation about changes made within that program, attend an education program about the dangers of steroid abuse, participate in a leadership development program and meet with Associate Dean of Students Alexis Hernandez on a regular basis.

Pike completed all of the requirements but violated GAMMA policy again before its probationary period was up.

"It is disheartening to have to have the same conversations and have to respond to these issues," Kowalski said.

Sigma Chi fraternity is currently under investigation by the Dean of Students Office for an alleged hazing incident.

Some members of the Greek community are concerned that these events will hurt the Greek reputation.

"It is really unfortunate how irresponsible people make it more difficult for other organizations to prosper," said Kristen Wong, a molecular and cellular biology

junior and member of Alpha Phi Gamma sorority.

But Kowalski said the Greek system is generally an overall positive organization.

"The vast majority of members of the Greek system are doing well. They are involved in leadership development activities, school activities and the community as a whole," Kowalski said.


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