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Irresponsible Pike must lose its ties with UA

By Wildcat Opinions Board
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday January 27, 2003

Pike is in trouble. And every indication is that its troubles are rightfully earned.

The fraternity, formally known as Pi Kappa Alpha, had been on probation since Feb. 20, 2001. More recently, Pike's recognition was withdrawn for an alcohol violation earlier last semester.

Last week, Pike announced plans to appeal the decision to the University Hearing Board. But granting that appeal would be a mistake.
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Granting Pike an appeal would be a mistake. When a house ignorantly and blatantly disrespects the rules it signed into, it deserves to be punished.
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Over the last two years, Pike has repeatedly broken the rules.

Fraternity rules are enforced by the Greek Judicial Board, and violations deserve appropriate consequences.

The Greek Community Standards of the University of Arizona, developed by the Interfraternity Council, the National Panhellenic Council and the Panhellenic Association as part of the 1991 Greek Strategic Plans, clearly state that Greek organizations and their members must "respect the human dignity of others: Sexual, verbal and physical abuse or any type of hazing is unacceptable."

The fraternity's hazing violations, which occurred in February 2001, along with numerous incidences of fighting in October 2001, do not adhere to these stipulations.

The standards also state that excessive abuse or illegal use of alcohol will not be tolerated, including underage drinking or illegal distribution. Any Greek organization found illegally with alcohol at a rush-related event, whose primary purpose is for recruitment of young men who, for the most part, are under the legal drinking age of 21, should face sanctions.

If the appeal is unsuccessful, Pike will not be eligible to receive UA recognition again until December 2005. That means that will not be able to use university facilities under the fraternity's name, will not be able to participate in rush or homecoming and will be barred from all other university activities. Greek houses are granted recognition by the university not as a reward, but as a partnership to represent each other to the fullest capacity.

Of course, its members, just like any other students on campus, can still participate in anything they want. The individual frat guys from Pike are free to attend homecoming and any other school activity they find interesting.

And maybe that's what they should have done in the first place had fun in their own name, not that of the fraternity.

Greek Life's statement on the student union Web site says "our Greek community provides its members with opportunities for growth and excellence in academic, leadership, service learning and social arenas."

Fraternities and sororities alike serve a great purpose on the UA campus, without question from philanthropy events to assisting throughout the community. But Greek Life representatives are kidding themselves if they think that most college freshmen who join fraternities and sororities don't do it for the social rewards.

But that's no excuse for Pike, or any other frat.

When a house ignorantly and blatantly disrespects the rules to which it agreed, it deserves to be punished. Revoking recognition is a punishment that fits the crime.


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