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Police Beat

By Ty Young
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday September 8, 2003

A man was stopped and later released after a UAPD officer found an outstanding warrant for murder under his name on Monday, reports stated.

The man was driving on East Sixth Street at 10:26 p.m. when an officer noticed that his headlight was out. After stopping the man, the officer checked his name for warrants and found that there was a warrant out for a murder in Florida, reports stated.

The man was transported to Pima County Jail. After further review at the jail, it was revealed that the man was a victim of identity theft. He did not have the same tattoos described on the warrant, which included a spider web tattoo on the suspect's penis, reports stated.

The man said his former roommate who also went by the alias "spider," stole his drivers license "in the '70s," and had not returned it. His alias was derived from the tattoo, reports stated.

That wass the second time that the man has been stopped because of outstanding warrants related to the theft of his identity. The officer apologized to the man, who gladly accepted it, reports stated.

An employee of the Arizona Respiratory Center, 2035 E. Speedway Blvd., reported that somebody had stolen digital cameras, a telephone and a box of Hot Pockets from the center's office on Tuesday, reports stated.

The employee left and locked the office building for the weekend on Aug. 22. When he returned on Tuesday, he noticed an electrical power pack in a different place from where he had left it.

After entering his room, he noticed that a cordless telephone was missing. He opened up a cabinet and saw that his digital camera was gone as well, reports stated.

Another employee found that her digital camera was also missing from her office.

The employees checked the kitchen and found that a box of Hot Pockets had been removed from the freezer, as well as a couple boxes of cereal, reports stated.

The employee who reported the crime said that the custodial service the center uses is scheduled to clean the office building every Tuesday before business hours.

After talking to the service, UAPD found that the former custodian who had access to the center had quit his position in early July. He never returned the key, reports stated.

The cameras that were stolen, a Minolta DI Magex, and a Sony MVCFD83, are valued at $350 and $200, respectively. The Panasonic cordless answering system is worth $150, reports stated.

The Hot Pockets and boxes of cereal are valued at $10, reports stated.

UAPD will be working to contact the former custodian for questioning, reports stated.

A student reported that his car was broken into and his stereo stolen while parked in a UA parking lot, 1370 E. Prince Rd., on Tuesday, reports stated.

The student called UAPD when he returned to his car, a red 1996 Jeep SPC, and found the front driver-side window smashed in and his car stereo removed from the dashboard, reports stated.

The student also found a set of wire cutters and a slide cutter in the back seat of the car, both of which were not there when he parked the car, reports stated.

The stereo was valued at $300. UAPD was unable to find any fingerprints on the vehicle or the tools. The tools were placed into evidence, reports stated.

Police have no suspect or witnesses, reports stated.

A student reported his red and silver Schwinn Panther Beach Cruiser stolen from the Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., on Sept. 2, reports stated.

The student locked the bike to the rack on the east side of the building with a U-lock on Aug. 30. When he returned Tuesday, he found that his bike was stolen, reports stated.

His U-lock was still attached to the rack when he went to unlock the bike, reports stated.

Police have no witnesses or suspects, reports stated.

A student reported his bike stolen from the Chemical and Biological Sciences building, 1340 E. University Blvd., on Tuesday, reports stated.

The student locked the bike to a rack outside the building at 8 p.m., and when he returned at 11:30 p.m., the maroon 21-speed road bike and his cable lock were gone, reports stated.

Police have no witnesses or suspects, reports stated.

A student reported her bike stolen from a bike rack on the west side of the Chi Omega sorority house, 1420 E. First St., on Tuesday, reports stated.

The bike, a blue and silver Schwinn F551, was worth $249 and was locked at 10 p.m. When the student returned two hours later, she found it missing, reports stated.

Police have no suspects of witnesses, reports stated.

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Police Beat


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