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Monday September 8, 2003

Band prepares for ╬hours upon hours' to get ready

Some people, unfortunately, are not so ╬Fastş' when it comes to understanding how a marching band works. The week prior to classes, the Pride of Arizona practices 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, teaching new members how to march, practicing the new music and preparing the first performance of the year: pre-game and the first segment of the halftime show. It takes hours upon hours of endless work to make a show performance-ready. By the time of the first football game, it is impossible to have an entire 15-minute show completed, as that would include having memorized every note, every dynamic, every move and every form in the space of two weeks. Have you already learned every ounce of information that will be covered this semester so that you may be tested on it tomorrow? In the POA, there are only two ways to describe something: spectacular or unacceptable. Mr. Fast's letter would fall in the latter, as would the football team's performance against UTEP. [Read article]

photo Goodbye Flandrau Science Center

The UA is a beautiful place full of eye-popping features that make our campus special, from the fountain in front of Old Main to the new Student Union Memorial Center. The diverse plant life and styles of architecture make it hard not to appreciate it. Everything has its own unique qualities that make it stand out ¸ though in the case of the Harvill building those are confusion and disgust. That is especially true following the construction of many new buildings that added to the landscape of our campus. It's sad to ponder the fact we will be forced to say goodbye to one of these treasures in a few short years. [Read article]

How to solve the gay employee benefit problem

If two married people hate each other, are seeing other people, filing for a divorce and one works at the UA, the other is entitled to benefits for which the government will bear most of the cost. Gay partners and other people who could be closer to UA employees cannot receive such benefits.

There are many different value structures held by UA employees, and with them come many views of marriage and commitment. Many people view marriage as a sacred vow between a man and a woman to spend the rest of their lives together, and to them, it is offensive to even consider allowing gay couples to receive the same benefits as other people. On the other hand, homosexuals explain that they are humans too, and should be allowed to have their commitment honored in the same way any straight person's would. [Read article]



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