On the spot

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday, April 12, 2004

Anaheim Angels draftee wants to look 'pretty,' thinks sideburns are sexy

Wildcat: I'm Claire from the Daily Wildcat, and you're on the spot. So, it seems that the entire baseball team is afraid of me and my on the spot-iness. Am I that scary?

Donald: Yeah, I think it's those sideburns you got.

Wildcat: My sideburns? I don't have ... I mean, I like them. I think they're sexy.

Donald: Yeah, those are some pretty nice chops.

Wildcat: I've been growing them out for a while. So, are you guys looking to destroy me? You know, get me back for my interview I did with Nick a while ago?

Donald: No, we want to be as nice to you as we can because we love it when you come out to our practices. You bring joy to our lives.

Wildcat: What kind of joy?

Donald: I think you, uh ... make us all excited in different kinds of ways when you walk out here.

Wildcat: Um ... that's appreciated, I think. It's my sideburns, isn't it?

Donald: Yeah, I think it's those sideburns and a few other things that make all of us so attracted to you.

Wildcat: Well, I hear that a lot about my "sideburns," but it's nice to hear it from someone with coal smeared all over their face.

Donald: It's eye black ... eye black.

Wildcat: Are you trying to scare the other team by looking dirty?

Donald: No, I'm trying to look pretty for them. I want them to really like me a lot. I want to look nice and sweet for them.

Wildcat: You mean you don't want to look nice for me and my sideburns?

Donald: Uh, actually, I wanna lick your sideburns.

Wildcat: If you can prove yourself to me, I'll let you lick my sideburns. So you've gotta do something crazy.

Donald: Do I actually have to do it? Hmm ... I'll run down Campbell (Avenue) naked. I'll do that if you come to our practice naked.

Wildcat: Uh ... no. I don't think so.

Donald: No? Then no dice.

Wildcat: I don't need to get arrested for indecent exposure.

Donald: Neither do I. For the third time, I think they'd probably take me to jail.

- Interview by Claire C. Laurence