On the spot

By Nathan Tafoya
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Professor is visiting from India, where they use the metric system and aren't into the Beatles

Wildcat: Hi, my name's Nathan and you're on the spot. Are you a professor here?

Ramasesha: Visiting professor.

Wildcat: I was going to say that, or you're giving a new name to "nontraditional student." Never mind. So this weekend, I gave myself a really bad haircut and - I don't know if it's bad - I just wanted to ask your opinion. On a scale of one to five, with five being really good, how would you rate my hair?

Ramasesha: Oh, well ... 3.5.

Wildcat: So, where are you visiting from?

Ramasesha: India.

Wildcat: All right. What's it like over there? What's the weather like?

Ramasesha: We're 1,000 meters above sea level, and so minimum in winter is about 12 degrees centigrade and the maximum in summer is 35 degrees centigrade.

Wildcat: That's cool. Did you say 1,000 meters above sea level?

Ramasesha: Yes.

Wildcat: That's cool. You guys use the metric system over there. Nice. The one thing I know about India is from George Harrison from the Beatles, 'cause he was over there a lot. Is George Harrison a cool guy over there?

Ramasesha: Not really. Not now. The Beatles are passˇ.

Wildcat: Aw, they're passˇ? Oh no! You can't say stuff like that. I love George. Were you into the Beatles, like back in the day?

Ramasesha: Yeah, I heard them.

Wildcat: Were you into them at all?

Ramasesha: I never took music seriously, so ...

Wildcat: Oh really? What about that guy Prasanna? He's from India and he plays that traditional type of music. What's it called?

Ramasesha: Sitar?

Wildcat: No, he plays it on a guitar, though. I forget what it's called.

Ramasesha: Vina? Violin?

Wildcat: No, it's a type of music.

Ramasesha: Carnatic?

Wildcat: Carnatic! He plays Carnatic music on the guitar. Ever heard of him?

Ramasesha: No.