On the spot

By Claire C. Laurence
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Freshman sees purple rabbits, doesn't read the Daily Wildcat

Wildcat: Hi, I'm Claire from the Daily Wildcat and you're on the spot.

Beller: What's that?

Wildcat: God! Nobody reads anymore. How do you get through college without being able to read?

Beller: I guess you don't. I just don't read the Wildcat.

Wildcat: Boo! Shame on you. Well, it's a column where I talk to people and make them look stupid. Well, they make themselves look dumb. But yeah, that sums up my version of "On the Spot."

Beller: Well, I guess that's why you picked me.

Wildcat: Wow. Are you saying that you're stupid?

Beller: Uh-oh it begins already.

Wildcat: Do you mind if I sit down? I just had surgery yesterday, and I'm feeling a little woozy.

Beller: Ha. That sucks, dude.

Wildcat: Yeah, but I've been getting to see lots of cool stuff like those little purple rabbits over there. Can you see them? Bob, George and Phil.

Beller: Yeah, I can. How do you know their names?

Wildcat: They talk to me you mean, they don't speak to you, too?

Beller: (laughing) No, I only see them. I just had surgery, too.

Wildcat: Really? Did you have the reverse lobotomy?

Beller: (scratches head and stares off into space) Umm yeah. Uh I dunno.

Wildcat: I guess you must have gotten the lobotomy then. So, when I got out of surgery, I saw all sorts of strange things. It was like another world.