On the spot

By by Claire C. Laurence
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

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In this edition of On the Spot,' we're going to see how smart the UA student body really is!

Wildcat: What is the official language of Australia?

Munsell: English.

White: English.

Helin: English.

Answer: English.

Wildcat: If you were to play a little snooker with someone, what would you be doing?

Munsell: Having sex.

White: Sex.

Helin: I can't say for the Wildcat. I'm just kidding isn't that a lawn game?

Answer: Playing a card game.

Wildcat: What is dihydrogen oxide?

Munsell: It's a chemical they put in your food.

White: Water.

Helin: Alcohol.

Answer: Water.

Wildcat: If you were to come home and find your partner a little inebriated, it mean they're what?

Munsell: Sick.

White: Drunk!

Helin: Drunk!

Answer: Drunk.

Wildcat: What gas do plants absorb from the atmosphere?

Munsell: Carbon dioxide.

White: Hydrogen no, no, no carbon.

Helin: Either chloroform or phytoplasm. But I think it's greenhouse gases.

Answer: Carbon Dioxide.

Wildcat: What planet is third from the sun?

Munsell: Earth.

White: Mars.

Helin: Earth.

Answer: Earth.

Wildcat: In a presidential election, an unexpected winner is called a dark what?

Munsell: Slate.

White: Bird.

Helin: Horse.

Answer: Horse.

Interview by Claire C. Laurence