On the Spot

By Claire C. Laurence
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday, May 3, 2004

Freshman loves the greek life, can't live without her instant messaging

Wildcat: I'm Claire from the Daily Wildcat and you're on the spot.

Magness: All right! Yay!

Wildcat: Yay? I usually get groans of fear ... this whole happy thing is new to me.

Magness: It's exciting! I like reading "on the spot" because I like reading about real people and how they respond to real situations other than all the fake things like ...

Wildcat: Like the news?

Magness: (laughing) Sort of! Yeah, like that.

Wildcat: So I'm guessing by the little greek thingie on your shirt that you're in a sorority. What made you want to rush?

Magness: Well, I didn't know anyone - I'm from Wisconsin - so I went through the recruitment to meet people.

Wildcat: What's the craziest thing they put you through in order to be 'initiated?'

Magness: That I'm not allowed to talk about.

Wildcat: Not even to the Wildcat? What're they gonna do to you if you talk?

Magness: It would not be a good thing. It's kinda a d/l kind of issue. There is no hazing. they've really cracked down on that in the last few years ... from what I've heard.

Wildcat: What's the best thing you've done as a part of greek life?

Magness: I love the sisterhood events that we get to do because it gets us really close and the places we go are so much fun. We'll play, like, miniature golf and stuff like that ... it's really cool.

Wildcat: OK, if you had to go to a deserted desert island and you could only bring three things, people or objects, what would you bring?

Magness: Definitely my dog, because I can't live without her. My Miata, because I love my car. And my computer so that I could connect to the Internet and keep in touch with the rest of the world ...

Wildcat: Umm ... deserted ...

Magness: ... and the island would of course be wireless so that I could connect because how on earth could I live without my IMs?