By Jesse Lewis
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Question 1: What will you miss most about the UA?
Question 2: What are you doing after graduation?

"The nice weather. I will be looking for work and applying to grad school in Alaska or Washington."

"The basketball team, the Eller College. I am going back to South Korea, where I'm from, and serving in the Korean Army for three years. It's required of all citizens."

"The teachers - they are always there for us. I will definitely not miss clinicals. I'll be working at Good Sam in Phoenix in labor and delivery.

"The fraternity (Omega Delta Phi), college life in general because now I have to go into the real world and earn money. Hopefully working."

"The people, my friends, all the lovely ladies and the basketball team. I'm trying to concentrate on graduating first. I thought about grad school, but not right now."

"The laid-back atmosphere. I think law school at USD."