By the Numbers

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, June 9, 2004

8 cents
     The price of a pack of cigarettes in Cuba, according to The Dallas Morning News.

     Cost of the Zillion Dollar Frittata, an omelet at New York City's Le Parker Meridian hotel than contains six eggs, lobster meat and 10 oz. of sevruga caviar, according to The Associated Press.

     Cost to the restaurant for an ounce of sevruga caviar, according to The Associated Press. 0
     Number of playoff series the Lakers have lost after leading at any point during coach Phil Jackson's five-year tenure.

$109.3 million
     Amount Michael Ovitz pocketed from his severance package, which included 9 million stock options, after being fired as Walt Disney Co.'s president in 1996, according to Time.

$154 million
     Estimate of how much the Democratic National Convention will contribute to the economy of its host city, Boston, according to The Globe.

65 million
     Number of call-in votes recorded for he two finalists on American Idol, according to the Charlotte Observer. 98
     Years since the last royal wedding in Spain. Crown Prince Felipe married former TV anchorwoman Letizia Ortiz, making her the first commoner ever in line to be the queen of Spain. 12
     Years since Singapore instituted a ban on chewing gum. Citizens can now chew gum after submitting their names and ID cards to the government, according to Time magazine.

     Landmines dug up from the banks of the Suez Canal by Egypt and Israel after the Yom Kippur/Ramadan war in Oct. 1973.