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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday September 16, 2003

American Jews should condemn Israeli actions

In the last few days, several letters have been published in the Wildcat deploring the expulsion of Paul Snodgrass. Unfortunately, none of those expressing outrage against the un-democratic actions by the state of Israel are Jewish. This, of course, stems from a problem wider than the expulsion of a student from the West Bank. The inability of Jewish Americans to criticize Israel is, to me, demeaning to the persecution that unfortunately constitutes a part of the collective Jewish historical experience.

I do not have the space here to even begin to analyze the tragedy that encompasses the modern Palestinian experience. I will ask one simple

question: How can any nation pretend to call itself a democracy when greater than 25 percent of the population under its control the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip do not have the fundamental right to vote in elections? In fewer than 10 years time, Palestinians of Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will outnumber Jews in those areas. Conscious people will ask the simple question, "Why not one state with one vote for all the people within the state's jurisdiction?"

The Israeli government must abandon its vision of a greater Israel, if for no other reason than for the preservation of a demographically Jewish state. As a Jewish American whose grandparents were amongst the few to survive the Auschwitz concentration camp, I condemn Israel's immoral occupation. I urge those UA students who identify themselves as being a part of the Jewish community, whether religiously or

culturally, if they care about Israel, to stop blindly supporting the unjust and inhumane actions of Israel and to not be afraid to criticize Israel, if for no other reason than for its own good.

Aaron Gubi
graduate student, near eastern studies

Stuhan letter inaccurate; abortion accepted, legal

I would like to respond to Sara Stuhan's letter regarding the UA gag rule.

Ms. Stuhan asserts that "the majority of taxpayers do not want to pay for training abortionists" and that "the legitimate medical community does not hold abortionists in high regard, and most medical students do not want abortion training."

In fact, the majority of Arizonans are pro-choice, and the practice of abortion is regarded as a legitimate and important procedure. As far as medical students go, last year 15 out of 16 of the UA's obstetrics and gynecology residents requested abortion training. Ms. Stuhan's claims are false.

Whether or not people support it, abortion has been LEGAL for 30 years. I am pro-choice, but if people are ethically opposed to abortion, they should petition through the government to have that changed. Pretending abortion is illegal by forbidding medical students to learn it or practice makes no sense, and ultimately limits the availability of safe abortions for those who need it.

Many taxpayers find war morally repugnant as well, but there are no gag rules on college ROTC programs or military recruitment on campus. Why should the UA cater to the beliefs of only certain groups?

Everybody should have a say in where their tax money goes. But imposing gag rules and building obstacles for a legal medical practice is harmful.

Lauren Eggert-Crowe
English junior

UA football team should cut its losses, start over

I wish to bemoan our beloved football team for allowing the hearts and souls of so many hundred Wildcat fans to be tread upon. It is truly embarrassing that the athletics department decided to recycle an elitist, has-been coach who has not won anything noteworthy in many moons. It is also embarrassing for a top-level sports university like the UA to be mocked in national media circles. I believe there are at least three Wildcat programs Kansas State, New Hampshire and Villanova that could come in here and whip us on the NASCAR Network TBS. There comes a point when there is nothing else to lose and that point has been achieved in the spectacular performances laid bare before our eyes by our meandering gridiron squad. From coach on down, there really seems to be nothing worth keeping; maybe a fresh start is what we need. Any true video game football field marshal could coach a college team to losses comparable to the two shellackings we have recently

witnessed and they would do it for a lot less than what is being paid to our Department of Football Inadequacy.

Joshua St. Germain
UA alumnus

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