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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday, August 9, 2004
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Memo discouraging faculty activism is disheartening

To think that our university president would stifle the freedom and spirit of the professors is disheartening. How can a typical poli sci class survive without a lively discussion about our political leaders? How can a history class have an honest discussion about how future generations will look back at this critical point in our lives?

Look at my situation for example. During the summer before my final semester, I landed an internship for campaign in California in 1998. That internship? The gubernatorial campaign of Gray Davis. After graduation, I took a job in the Davis administration wanting to absorb with real experience what I was taught by the great professors in the poli sci and history departments. Little did I know that this opportunity would allow me to be apart of history instead of watching it.

I must say, limiting professors' freedoms cannot and will not inspire the future leaders of tomorrow. Students may not and should not agree with everything a professor says, but it is sure worth talking about these interesting times. This is what democracy is about: listening to differing opinions, respecting those opinions and working to compromise on these differences.

Who knows? Maybe our country would not be in the situation we are in if President Bush had taken Professor Kurzer's European Union classes. I know I benefited from her expertise!

Timothy Valencia
UA alumnus

Greek system more than social frats and sororities

After reading Jesse Lewis' July 28 article, "Going greek," I thought I would express my concern that the focus of the article was solely on social greek life. I was concerned that there was no mention of business fraternities (co-ed) or other types of organizations that provide options for incoming freshmen. I just feel bad for incoming freshmen who may feel that a social fraternity is the only way they can participate in an organization where they can make lifelong friends. There are plenty of other options where one can participate in events similar to those of a social fraternity and make friends that could last after college.

Dave Allen
UA alumnus

Arizona Student Media has a fourth branch

I was surprised to see a great paper like the Wildcat print an inaccurate story last week about its own parent department. The article repeatedly reports that Arizona Student Media has only three branches. This is false. There are four - the Wildcat, KAMP radio, UATV and The Desert Yearbook, which was revamped and brought back this year after a seven-year absence. It's surprising that an experienced reporter like Jesse Lewis and her editors would miss this part of the story because the Wildcat has developed a close relationship with the yearbook. There's even a prominent link to the yearbook's Web site on the Wildcat Online. Many of the photos in the Campus Guide issue appear in the 2004 yearbook, which will be delivered to 1,500 students this fall. The yearbook arguably has a wider, more diverse audience than KAMP and UATV put together. More than three dozen students worked this past year, many in paid positions, to put together one of the largest yearbooks in the United States. Sales were more than double those of the last 1997 yearbook, and more than 600 seniors took time to sit down and have their pictures taken for the book. The Desert is likely the most comprehensive record of the 2003-2004 school year, including sports, club, greek, campus life and national news coverage. The yearbook also contains 122 papers that record the name, hometown, major, hobbies and involvement of every single student on campus. It's a shame the Wildcat continues to miss this story. Not only is this revived publication of growing interest to students who want to hang onto their memories after leaving campus, it's just one more great opportunity for students to get involved at the UA.

Daniel Scarpinato
2003-2004 Editor of The Desert Yearbook

Smoker's guide contains a misleading analogy

In "A smoker's guide to UA campus life", Mark Sussman wrote:

"But compare how we treat smoking to other possibly terminal illnesses. When was the last time you saw a sign warning cancer patients to stay at least 25 feet away from a building?"

The difference is that cancer cells are not going to jump from the cancer victim's body into your body to cause damage, while on the other hand, cigarette smoke from the smoker IS going to go from his cigarette into your body and cause damage.

Kenneth Sandale

Sports 101 guide inaccurate

There seems to be a mistake in the "UA Sports 101 " blurb written about the men's track and field team. You stated that the team would lose "... top thrower Kevin Opalka ..." Well, I'm Kevin Opalka, but I am not a thrower, I am a pole-vaulter. And I have another year of eligibility left, so I plan on competing this year.

Kevin Opalka
mechanical engineering senior

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