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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday September 30, 2003

Moral character should be factor in new coach

Before we rush out to hire a replacement for John Mackovic, I appeal to Jim Livengood and the athletics department to go above and beyond the standard research of which coach has the best "x's" and "o's" ability of the candidates, and rather seek a coach with respected professional and personal character that can be a role model for our community.

It's a mistake to replace a coach that embarrasses our school by blowout losses and player unrest with another coach who embarrasses his school by even more appalling actions of probable adultery and certain moral issues and a lack of self-control.

Supporters of fired Alabama coach Mike Price as our next coach will say one's personal life has nothing to do with the job. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with his ability to lead us to the Rose Bowl with his "x's" and "o's," but it has everything to do with becoming a respected community figure that our students and athletes can be proud to say is a coach at our university. Do we want Mike Price as a role model to our athletes and students of how to behave when they grow up as married individuals and representatives of whichever organizations they move on to?

Has Arizona football sunk so far that we must sink to the level of Price, Eustachy and other flawed coaches to find a viable candidate? As students we must demand a coach that meets the personal and professional standards we aspire to hold ourselves to. College athletics fosters a sense of community and pride that is unlike any other in sports. Replacing Mackovic with Price is just treading down a different fork on the wrong road for our football program.

Marcel Villalobos
finance and business management senior

Price the right choice to replace Coach Mackovic

Looking for a new coach, who the players and fans love? Better call Mike Price. As a UA fan and WSU alum, he couldn't be a better choice. Consider the fact that he was a long-time coach at WAZZU, and he won, and his recruits are still winning. If he can attract talent to a small town in Eastern Washington, think of what he can do in Tucson. Just look at all the quarterbacks in the NFL who played for him. Was he wrong in Alabama? Sure, but he knows the PAC-10, he turns out winners, he loves the challenge, he not only coaches the under dogs he is the underdog. Then again, there is always Slick Rick Neuheisel.

John Mejia
UA alumnus

Noble column unfairly assumes greek attitudes

I am very disappointed that Sabrina Noble's commentary on hazing in the greek system was printed in yesterday's issue of the Daily Wildcat. The entire article is based on the statement made last week by Chain Gang President Mark Viscardi: "There is a difference between capital H' hazing and little h' hazing." From this statement, Noble makes numerous assumptions and generalizations about greeks' attitudes toward hazing, and this is unacceptable. Chain Gang is not a greek organization and the views expressed by any non-greek club member have absolutely nothing to do with the conduct or opinions of any greek organization.

Pete Backlund
mechanical engineering junior

ASUA failing students; must remember mission

Forget the Club of the Month; Mr. Miller's comments in yesterday's Wildcat brought to light a far more important issue that I believe should be addressed. On ASUA's Web site, it states the student is the most important person on campus. As a student, I am well within my right to express any concerns that I may hold regarding ASUA's operations.

The campus community is already indifferent to ASUA's actions, activities and overall governance. The last thing it needs is for the campus to turn on it.

All I can recommend to the members of ASUA is that they do their jobs. Serve the students, not yourselves, and when a student like me brings a legitimate concern to your attention, do not attack him or her as you did me.

If you were wise, you would remove Mr. Miller from his position, as he obviously lacks the tact for public office, and replace him with someone more open to criticism and more willing to serve as the voice of the students.

I will continue to bring to light issues within ASUA that I believe are unjust or not in the interest of the student body. You can either work with me to improve the campus or work against me. But always remember the student body does not depend on ASUA for its survival ASUA depends on the student body!

Jered Mansell
political science, sociology, economics and religious studies senior

Getting rid of overpaid Mackovic good first step

To the powers that be: Thank you for relieving Coach Mackovic of his duties as coach of UA's football team. Too bad he's still getting $900,000 of our money for doing nothing. Why, may I ask, was this man paid the highest among staff at our fine school when we were in the midst of a budget crisis and a bad football program? If the money has to go somewhere in sports, I'd like it to go into teams that actually have great programs, like men's basketball or softball. I'm sure most will agree. Once again, thanks for axing this guy. Now maybe we'll be able to see some improvement in the football program. I know I'm happy.

Alex Chihak
journalism junior

Alumni plaza money better spent elsewhere

Instead of donating nearly $5 million for yet another campus construction boondoggle, why doesn't the UA Alumni Association really make an impact and donate those funds to the UA's share of the expanded nursing program approved this week by the Board of Regents? Or how about making a significant contribution to the pot of money President Likins is seeking to boost faculty salaries? Alumni Association: You will gain more in community goodwill from these investments than from building a "pavilion" smack-dab in the middle of the Mall.

Stu Williams
UA staff member

Republicans' campus presence a good sign

In response to Jimmy Matthew's letter "Young Republicans don't deserve commendation:" His crude depiction of conservatives as the staunch defenders of the status quo and progressives as the sole advocates of change is simply not true. In fact, much of the criticism of the Bush administration originates from substantial changes in government and foreign policy. There is reasonably consistent agreement on the problems America faces, but the ideas for dealing with these complex issues vary. As a libertarian, I am placed under the conservative umbrella. My political ideology does not originate from a reluctance to change but rather an underlying belief in freedom and personal responsibility.

I personally find the visible presence of the Arizona College Republicans a welcome sign. Their ability to connect students with a political party in a meaningful way is a benefit to the entire student body. They are helping students become active participants in American democracy while, as Danielle Roberts expressed, promoting personal responsibility and self-worth. I would encourage Jimmy to reject his uninformed stereotypes and carefully examine the multitude of political ideologies expressed on this campus. Encouraging students to avoid consideration of opposing political viewpoints is irresponsible and contrary to the ideals of higher education.

Sam Schofield
applied mathematics graduate student

Students must play active role in ASUA

First of all, I would like to say that the current ASUA is doing a wonderful job by recognizing student organizations for their achievements. As an alumnus and as a former ASUA senator, I have seen ASUA improve and reach more students. Having positive and constructive programs like "Club of the Month" is the best way for our student government to be in touch with the student body at large.

Only during weekly appropriations board meetings do clubs have a chance to visit official ASUA members. On the other hand, student organizations rarely visit Senate meetings, members of the executive branch or even the student government office during office hours.

It is a nice opportunity for ASUA and students alike to have recognition programs. If you disagree with ASUA's actions, then visit a Senate meeting and voice your opinion or visit a senator to have a resolution passed or whatever you like. You voted in the members in ASUA last year and it's time to utilize their services. You can even become a senate aide.

They are at your disposal. A dozen or so elected officials and 50 or so appointed chairpersons can only do so much. They need the student body to work with them.

Ahmad Saad Nasim
UA alumnus

Cubs fans don't have a clue, overrate team

The world's greatest fans? PLEASE! The "brilliant" Cubs fans that said Hee Sop Choi was going to be better than Albert Pujols, the "brilliant" Cubs fans that now say that Aramis Ramirez is a better third baseman than Scott Rolen? The great fans that I watch on WGN on a regular basis, half-naked in a drunken stupor, barely aware of the baseball game in progress, chucking baseballs and plastic beer glasses onto the field? Here's the obvious fact: The Cubs, thinking they've had the best season imaginable, have accumulated a 88-74 average, finishing only three games above the Cardinals, a team with no pitching, and one game above the Astros, a team with no hitting and no pitching. Hell, they even finished below the wild card-winning Marlins. I don't know if rooting for a team whose star player is a proven cheater, not only corking his bat THIS season but going on a "mysterious" slump last season and missing a week of games after being accused of being on the juice, is a cause worthy of supporting. Being a good person, I hope the Cubs and their fans enjoy their big three games in the playoffs this season. I'm looking forward to throwing my century party for the Cubbies in 2008!

Sara Walters
junior majoring in English

Greeks contribute greatly to community

Let me take a minute to remind the community of a few of the positive involvements of greek life on campus and around the community. The greek community populates most of the campus organizations including all of the honoraries, Blue Chip, ROTC, UAB, ASUA, OASIS, Leadershape, the Daily Wildcat, several sports clubs, professional societies and spirit clubs. We are also actively involved in most philanthropic causes in the community, such as the Alzheimer's Walk, the Cat Walk, the AIDS walk, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity and several mentoring programs.

We aren't perfect we can't make up for the mistakes of a few members, but I'll tell you whom we are. We are your Resident Assistants, we are your leaders, we are your classmates and supporters, we are your friends, we are the people that help you at the bookstore. Through our actions and beliefs, we sustain Integrity, Individualism, Identity, Involvement and Idealism. We are not defined by one person or his or her actions and beliefs. So I invite you, Ms. Noble, come have lunch at a greek house. Talk to us and then tell me who you think we are. Above all, we are proud.

Sarah Peeples
speech and hearing sciences junior
Executive Vice President of Sigma Kappa Sorority

Americans should question aid package

A recent letter to the editor asked why we should care about the human rights violations occurring in Israel when similar things are happening all over the world. Here's why: We gave Israel $3 billion in foreign aid last year. That's more money than we gave in aid to all other countries combined. Over the last 50 years about 90 billion U.S. tax dollars have been given to Israel. Do we do this for any other nation with such an abysmal record of human rights and disdain for the U.N.?

The same letter also said "It seems that since its coming into existence in 1948, Israel's inception has been intolerable to its surrounding neighborhood." Well, I should hope so. If I were to invade and claim as my own half of France, falsely stating that it was "a land without a people waiting for a people without a land," you could count on most of Europe still hating me after 50 years. Only the military and financial backing of a superpower would enable me to retain control of the stolen lands.

Kris Brown
electrical engineering senior

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