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Athlete of the week: Hardt in the right place

CHRIS CODUTO/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Clay Hardt earned Athlete of the Week honors this week because of his performance on the Saturday against TCU. Hardt led all Wildcats with 13 tackles.
By Shane Bacon
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday October 1, 2003

Arizona's Clay Hardt earned Athlete of the Week honors this week because of his performance on the defensive end of the football. The free safety from Marana had 13 tackles, including 10 solo tackles, two tackles for a loss and a sack during the Wildcats' 13-10 overtime loss to Texas Christian.

Hardt, a senior, is not only one of the oldest members of the team ¸ he's also a team captain and one of the Wildcats' most animated players. We sat down with Clay to find out some of his thoughts about football, and a few other things.

Wildcat: Would you rather knock a guy out cold with a hit or grab an interception?

Hardt: Knock a guy out cold, for sure.

Wildcat: Ok, Paris or Nicky Hilton?

Hardt: Which one is Nicky Hilton?

Wildcat: I think she's the younger one.

Hardt: I'd say Paris. I've seen Paris on TV and she's pretty smokin'.

Wildcat: You excited about Washington State and what do you plan to do there?

Hardt: Definitely. I just want to come out and improve on my last performance and help our team improve. I want to get us some more attention.

Wildcat: Everybody wants to know: What's going on with the long hair?

Hardt: I just don't like haircuts. I like my hair long. You can do more with it. I just like it. I've cut it before when it was long and liked it for a couple of days because it got a little attention, but after that I didn't like it at all.

Wildcat: What's going to happen to you after graduation?

Hardt: Hopefully I'll keep playing football or maybe I can become a model. (Laughs)

Wildcat: Who is the first person in college football you'd like to lay out?

Hardt: Oh man, I don't want to say. He plays for Washington and is a receiver.

Wildcat: Who is the best-looking female athlete at our school?

Hardt: (Laughs) Kim Glass.

Wildcat: For Sure?

Hardt: Oh yeah.

Wildcat: What's better: union food or football practice?

Hardt: Football practice.

Wildcat: Who's better looking, you or (freshman quarterback) Kris Heavner?

Hardt: Definitely me, definitely. Kris and I have discussed this. He knows. (Laughs) I'm just kidding. It's Kris because I like the way Kris dresses, and he doesn't care, and I appreciate that. He's not trying to impress anybody and he still looks good.

Wildcat: What is the best thing about Coach Hankwitz?

Hardt: I like Coach Hankwitz. I like his sayings. He has a million sayings and they are all fun to listen to.

Wildcat: How was the (team) barbeque yesterday. Was it fun?

Hardt: Yeah, until the cops came.

Wildcat: The cops came? Talk about that.

Hardt: All right. We had a team barbeque and the cops came and made everyone leave because they said the music was too loud ¸ which it wasn't ¸ and because there were too many cars.

Wildcat: (Laughs) Were y'all drinking?

Hardt: No, I wasn't drinking. I don't think anyone was drinking. The problem was they said there were too many cars. It was like 7 p.m.!

Wildcat: Before TCU's field goal kicker kicked, you stood on the line of scrimmage and waved your arms, "No." What is up with that?

Hardt: Kickers are fragile, so you can get in their head, you know? They're not used to that. I always try to talk crap to a kicker because I think they think about it. It's hard to get their attention, but once you get their attention, you're in.

Wildcat: Word association. Arizona State Sun Devils.

Hardt: Don't like ╬em. They stink.

Wildcat: Quarterback.

Hardt: (Laughs) Pretty boy.

Wildcat: Freshman girls.

Hardt: Young.

Wildcat: Washington State.

Hardt: Overtime.

Wildcat: Jack Daniels.

Hardt: Bad for your heart.

Wildcat: You excited about the Pac-10 schedule?

Hardt: Oh, I can't wait.

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