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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Friday October 10, 2003

Zona Zoo lottery process needs major revamping

In Tuesday's article by Elizabeth Demar, she discusses student's mixed reactions on the Zona Zoo Lottery process for basketball tickets. This process definitely needs to be addressed. Whether you are happy because you received tickets, or unhappy because your name wasn't on that list of 1,552 people that are receiving lower level tickets, this process is a poor way to decided who receives tickets to games of one of the nation's best basketball teams.

Demar states that 2,000 people were involved in the "riots" last year trying to receive tickets. She then states that at least 7,400 students bought the Zona Zoo pass in hopes to receive basketball tickets. This is at least 5,400 more students who wouldn't have really cared enough to wait in a line to receive basketball tickets, but because they only had to pay $40, they had the same opportunity to see the game as a hardcore basketball fan. Though that $40 included football, and other sporting event admissions, how much money did the UA athletics department make on the Zona Zoo pass from students that would not have bought tickets if it weren't for the basketball incentive?

Last year, if you received tickets, you proved that you were extremely excited to go to a UA basketball game. This year, we will have to be giving UA basketball history lessons to ticket holders. The Tucson community realizes how much of a luxurious commodity any UA basketball ticket is. So why are we giving them away to people that won't put extra effort into getting tickets? Zona Zoo, thanks for letting some hardcore UA basketball fans cheer loudly for the team from their living room couch. The process needs to be looked at and changed.

Eric Freed
business junior

Schwarzenegger election spells trouble for Calif.

The final act is over and there is a resolution to the worst movie in history, known as "California Recall." Gray Davis has been removed from office after being elected less than a year ago due to an amendment that was to be used for either a corrupt public official or one that was mentally or physically unable to perform their duties. Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger is California's new governor. What began as simply an idiotic idea has turned into reality, thanks to the whiny, tearful, millionaire Republican from San Diego, Darrell Issa.

California has become the laughing-stock of the country. We, the voters of California, have elected an actor with no prior political experience to the state's highest office. I know this country is celebrity-obsessed, but electing Arnold Schwarzenegger to run the world's fifth-largest economy? His less-than-insightful quips and movie innuendos have blinded even the best of California voters. He has made no perceptive statements concerning the circumstances facing California nor voiced his stance on any policies. Instead he proclaims, "let's bring California back" and "I will pump-up Sacramento." He has said he opposes tax hikes, but would consider them in case of an emergency. For those not paying attention, this is an emergency and the only action that will erase the deficit and balance the budget is to raise taxes, whether we like it or not.

Much of California is displeased with Davis' efforts and the deficit burdening the state. However, many people fail to realize that 40 percent of California's budget is dictated by voter referendums. This means the voters of California have in essence handicapped the state by limiting the amount of money that can be spent to help California because they wanted more power. I am not a proponent of Gray Davis by any means, but nor do I believe recalling the governor is the appropriate action. When his term comes to an end, a new governor should be elected. Not only is this recall asinine in nature, but it also cost California taxpayers another 60 million dollars, which most probably don't know.

Here's an idea for the sequel: Arnold is caught pulling a Clinton, but this time it's with two women. Hilarity ensues and everyone wonders how this could happen.

At least we know Arnold will be a "hands on" governor.

Michael Frank
communication junior

Athletics should look to pro coaches for new pick

With the search for a new football coach in full heat, all the talk to date has been about proven coaches at the college level. While I believe that either Rick Neuheisel or Mike Price would be good fits, our morally-conscious president has flexed his veto muscles and they are both out of the picture. Why are we limiting our search to proven winners on the college level when there are plenty of proven winners at the pro level out of work? Let's bring in Dennis Green for an interview or, better yet, Mike Ditka. Ditka would have this group of pansies that call themselves a football team turned around in no time. Sure, he would have to learn how to recruit, but hell, he has experience scouting. It looks like we will have yet another year of getting shit on by nine other teams that make the PAC-10 the most competitive, best all-around football conference in the nation. Bring Ditka in and put an end to this embarrassment.

Brian Danker
materials science and engineering senior

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