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Thursday, November 13, 2003
New post will replace eliminated VP position

Provost George Davis has created a new administrative position in his office.

The new vice provost for instruction will take over some of the responsibilities of the former vice president for undergraduate education, a position eliminated this summer by President Peter Likins.

"Last summer we eliminated the vice president for undergraduate education," Davis said. "We had to find a way to manage those responsibilities." [Read article]

Students asked to invest in UA

Now that Campaign Arizona has reached its $1 billion goal, university officials want students to jump on the fund-raising bandwagon.

On Friday UA officials announced that they will establish a Student Foundation to get students to invest in the university.

This announcement came just a few days after President Peter Likins revealed in his state of the university address that Campaign Arizona had reached its fund-raising goal of $1 billion almost two years early. [Read article]

photo Scholarship will pay for study abroad programs

Jon Gandomi got to spend a year abroad without paying a cent.

Gandomi, who studied in Kazakhstan last year, received funding for his experience from the National Security Education Program.

The NSEP was created by the federal government's National Security Education Act of 1991, to provide resources for scholarships, fellowships and grants. The scholarships are known as the David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships after the congressman who established this act. [Read article]

Toys for Tots takes over campus

Pfc. David Caballero spent 21 years in active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps and another year as a police officer.

Now Cabellero has a new line of duty - organizing toy collections.

The national Toys for Tots program, which hit the campus at the beginning of this month, collects toys for children for the holidays.

The program, run by the Marine Corps Reserve since 1947, has become a mainstay throughout communities around the country. [Read article]

On the spot

"Fetish" gives his dreadlocks some air, explains his beef with beef, and pays tribute to the Bible

Wildcat: My name's Nathan and you're On the Spot. The yellow net on your head? What's that for?

Thornton: This is like a babushka. It's just to contain my dreadlocks and keep them tight.

Wildcat: That's cool. I thought about growing dreadlocks but like, I don't think it would look good on me, and I think I'm going bald. Like on the top right here, like a nest. [Read article]

Campus Detective

Addressing all your most important questions and concerns.

Question: What's up with the sculpture built into the south wall of the Student Union Memorial Center near the breezeway and entrance to the UofA Bookstore? It kind of looks like an ear or a saxophone.

Answer: You know, I've always wondered that same thing, so I called up Chrissy Lieberman, campus activities and union galleries coordinator, and she told me the relief is a replica made from a plaster casting of the original sculpture/mural at the front entrance of the Memorial Student Union, the predecessor of the Student Union Memorial Center. [Read article]

photo Fastfacts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • Among the Betsileo natives of Madagascar, in the 18th century, there was a caste of servants known as the ramanga who were made to eat all nail parings and blood lost by members of the upper classes. If the nail parings were too long or jagged, they were minced up before being gobbled down. If a noble cut himself or was wounded in battle, a ramanga would lick his wounds. Those of high rank rarely went anywhere without these attendants, and if by chance a nail broke or blood flowed when the aristocrat was alone, he would preserve the residue and later give them to a ramanga, who obediently swallowed them. [Read article]

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