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Thursday, November 13, 2003
photo Get up to the top

Activities for the outdoor impaired

Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment derived from perching atop a towering summit you have just climbed with the sheer strength of your own body.

Unfortunately, all too often this feeling of euphoria is the result of hours, potentially days, of preparation, costly equipment and a very real sense of danger.

Should you be unable to afford the time and equipment it would take to climb a rocky cliff, or for those of you who would feel more at ease with climbing in a controlled environment, there is Rocks and Ropes. [Read article]

Camping still an option for city slickers

There is something completely new available for every Tucson hipster and scene-ster. It does not take place downtown. The fun does not end at 1 a.m. There will not be a feature performance by some indie rock band because the music of the outdoors is constant melody, and also less whiny than any touring group. The Southwest promises incredible outdoor experiences. The best part is that tons of adventures are only miles away from the university. Many of us could benefit from sleeping on solid ground. Without the heavy Indian tapestries that conceal our bedroom windows, we will wake with the sun. Forget the urine washes we call sidewalks in the city and begin at a trailhead with the goal in mind to reach the summit by noon. [Read article]

photo Take a hike, and just barely leave city limits

It's a great time of year for UA students. Midterms are long over, and we've still got a good month until final exams. The hot weather has finally faded, and Tucson's brief but balmy autumn season has begun. Along with the new chilly weather comes the opportunity to emerge from our swamp-cooled dens and savor Tucson's surroundings before it's time to bundle up in mittens and hats.

Last summer's Aspen fire decimated some of the Catalina Mountains' most popular trails. Nonetheless, the area still offers many opportunities to enjoy nature while sneaking in a bit of exercise. Best of all, one of Tucson's most impressive natural areas lies just 15 minutes' drive north of the University of Arizona. Intrigued? Fill up your Nalgene bottle and read on. [Read article]

A walk on the wild side

Imagine yourself walking under cobalt skies through the high desert of the Aravaipa Valley.

Now imagine that your peaceful nature walk is also a personal quest for spiritual purification.

At the Peyote Way church in Willcox, Ariz., hikers journey through the Arizona outback on an eight- to 12-hour "spirit walk" aimed at reaching what members of the church describe as "an awareness of the presence of the Holy Light within." [Read article]

photo Kites a good way to get high

The weather is finally cooling off! In fact, it's so gorgeous outside that many of you may be searching for outdoor activities, something to get you out of your stuffy living quarters and into the newly-chilly air.

Athletic-types may decide a jog in the park or a game of tag football are ideal. Asthmatics and couch potatoes may require something a little less sporty to drag them out the front door. But being lethargic does not necessarily mean being dull. Fly a kite, radio control a small airplane or launch some rockets! Get out there and take to the skies, people. It's easy! [Read article]

photo Calendar

Going on around Tucson and Campus


  • Jewish Culture Fair - Jewish Community Center, 3800 E. River Road Enjoy art, crafts, jewelry, food and music. Radio talk show host and author Dennis Prager as well as other authors will speak at the fair. 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Nov. 13 - 20. The fair is free; the Prager speech costs $7, $5 for JCC members. 299-3000. [Read article]

  • divider
    photo This roadtrip could change your life

    This is a guide that every college student needs. "Roadtrip Nation" by Mike Marriner and Nathan Gebhard deals with The Big Question: What do you want to do with your life? As college students, we are actively seeking the answer to this question with an academic education. However, we are well aware that this will only get us so far. This book takes you farther, like, across-the-United-States farther. Composed of various interviews with CEO's, self-employed business people and artists, the book examines how to search for your own happy and successful career. Although you should be weary of any "guide to life," it is not one of those new-age, self-help books that tell you to meditate and the answers will come. The authors suggest getting off the couch and getting behind the wheel. [Read article]

    photo Death Cab is back with a new drummer, again

    Death Cab for Cutie may not change their indie pop sound too much from album to album, but they always seem to change their drummer.

    First they had Nathan Good. Then they moved on to Michael Shorr and even lead singer Ben Gibbard played on one album.

    So, with their fourth full-length album "Transatlanticism" and a new tour that stops at Nita's Hideaway in Tempe tonight, of course they have a new drummer. This year's new face is Jason McGerr, a Seattle musician who has been friends with the band members since their school days. [Read article]

    photo Will you be ready for the Rapture's coming?

    Rock revolutions always seem to begin miles away.

    The British Invasion, New York Punk, Seattle grunge: somehow it never seems to happen where you are.

    Most people know by now that New York City is once again the focus of the media music hype-machine thanks to break-out rock acts like The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, the Liars, and now The Rapture.

    When, Lord, when will Tucson have its time? [Read article]

    photo CD Reviews

    Limp Bizkit
    Results May Vary

    Hey, dude. Remember Limp Bizkit? Yeah, they were the Woodstock '99 poster-boys. Back before the old 2000 rolled around, Fred Durst was the biggest rock star on the planet, riding high on the grandiose success of his band's sophomore "Significant Other."

    Time eventually elapsed and the fall of 2000 saw Durst and posse "Rollin'" with a hit single, but slumping with an album entitled "Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water." What was happening to the L-i-m-p? [Read article]

    Bar Wars

    So last Monday I cruised down to Congress to check out the downtown scene. First up, Club Congress.

    After ordering a scotch in Hotel Congress' festive southwestern lobby bar, I sat down on a long green couch to wait for some friends to arrive.

    Hotel Congress draws a more diverse scene than many of the so-called college scene. And its eclecticism is genuinely pleasing if you are the type not to get bummed that the fellow patrons aren't sporting Prada bags or Diesel jeans, although there are some of them too. We can't rule out everyone. [Read article]

    photo Fresh Mix mixes it up on University

    Fresh Mix
    845 E. University Blvd.
    622-0012 for take-out or delivery

    Fresh Mix, the new sandwich, salad and pasta stop on University Boulevard, lives up to its name just a bit too much.

    Certainly fresh is a good thing when it comes to food and ambience, and Fresh Mix has got that down. This "you call it" salad bar, that is, call out the ingredients and have it mixed for you, is the first of its kind to grace the university area. [Read article]

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