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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
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Shane Dale
Assistant Sports Editor

Oklahoma vs. LSU
The only potentially positive thing about this game would be Michigan beating Southern California, making the Sugar Bowl a true national championship game. How many screw-ups will it take to realize that 1-A football needs a playoff system just like I-AA? It's a little odd that most people think Oklahoma doesn't belong in the Sugar Bowl, yet most believe the Sooners will win. It's also odd that I agree with them on both counts.

Oklahoma 24, LSU 14

USC vs. Michigan
I've been trying to think up a scenario in which Michigan wins a share of the national championship. How about this: The Wolverines rout USC by five or six touchdowns. Meanwhile, Oklahoma edges out LSU by the slimmest of margins - and on a very questionable call, causing more outrage toward OU. The Associated Press, which has the ability to pick its own national champion (unlike the coaches' poll), revolts against the BCS. Oh, the humanity.

Michigan 31, USC 23

Ohio State vs. Kansas State
Everyone wanted OSU vs. Miami II, but oh well. These two teams are ranked higher than the two Florida teams in the Orange Bowl (quite a road trip). The Buckeyes finished the year 10-2, but survived several close games, including two in overtime. They could easily have finished 7-5 or 8-4. And K-State is peaking at the right time. The blue Wildcats are certainly the popular pick, though it won't be a blowout.

Kansas State 16, Ohio State 14

2004 Heisman Trophy
Until last weekend, Sooners' QB Jason White was the frontrunner. Some say he still is. They say that one bad game shouldn't cost him the trophy. And it probably won't, because a lot of idiot voters submitted their ballots before last weekend, and WR Larry Fitzgerald's Pittsburgh team lost four games, which the voters will hold against him. Still, 87 catches, 1,595 yards and 22 touchdowns? Fitzgerald will wrongfully be punished because his team is mediocre.

WR Larry Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh

Justin St. Germain
Staff Writer

Oklahoma vs. LSU
If my Final Four experience was any indication of how New Orleans treats big sporting events, this game has more potential for nudity and drunkenness than the fifth floor of the library on a Friday night. LSU has what is essentially a home game, which should make it the favorite, unless you consider that LSU suffered its only loss at home. Which is reason No. 2 why USC should be in the Sugar.

OU 48 LSU 31

USC vs. Michigan
This game's got more drama than a sorority girl's away message. The future of the BCS may depend on whether Michigan can pull off the upset and let the Sugar Bowl decide one national champion, while SC has the most to prove of any BCS team. Both have been suspect at times against marginal teams (Oregon, Cal), but have showed up for big games (Ohio State, Wazzu). This will be the best game of the bunch.

SC 38 Michigan 34

Ohio State vs. Kansas State
Nobody expected a quarterback named after a letter and a 5-foot-7 running back to run all over the vaunted Sooner D. But they did, and in so doing, avenged K-State's loss to Texas by knocking the Longhorns out of the BCS and into a great matchup against Wazzu in the Holiday. This game, on the other hand, with its surplus of purple and option offense, should appeal only to Prince and Connor Doyle.

K-State 24 Ohio State 14

2004 Heisman Trophy
Mike Williams running away - next year. This year, it's got to be Jason White. Take a look at the day his only legitimate rival, Larry Fitzgerald, had in his most important game: three catches, 26 yards and a TD in a 14-point loss to Miami. In OU's biggest game, against Texas, White threw 4 TDs and posted a QB rating higher than Oprah's cholesterol - 259.8. Heisman winners show up in big games.

QB Jason White, Oklahoma

Brett Fera
Sports Editor

Oklahoma vs. LSU
The BCS succeeded at creating a pair of national semifinals, with Associated Press No. 1, USC facing No. 4 Michigan, and No. 2 LSU facing No. 3 Oklahoma. Forget another game. College football has been so special because of the controversy. This year reminds me of the old Bowl Coalition days (Is a split champion all that bad?). A simple solution if you're SC, LSU, or OU: Win your games next time. All three deserve what they got.

Oklahoma 27, LSU 20

USC vs. Michigan
Natural grass at the Rose Bowl or concrete (sorry, Astroturf) at the Sugar Bowl? A New Year's Day California sunset in Pasadena or claustrophobia-R-US under a tin roof? Playing to a home crowd or being dwarfed by Louisiana State's rabid fan base? Big 12/Pac-10 tradition or cyber bureaucracy? Still think Southern California got a raw deal? Has anybody really thought about what SC thinks? The AP will, especially when it crowns the Trojans king of its world.

USC 24, Michigan 20

Ohio State vs. Kansas State
Kansas State deserves to be here, and I guess Ohio State does too. I can't understand how the Buckeyes still made it to a BCS game. What did they win their games by, an average of a field goal this season? More importantly though, how the hell did the Humanitarian Bowl get sandwiched between the Fiesta and Sugar Bowl? (Dramatic pause inserted here so you can read that again.) Don't get me started on that blue field in Boise.

Kansas State 23, Ohio State 10

2004 Heisman Trophy
Jason White deserves a pair of Heisman trophies - one for his left leg, one for his right. Oklahoma won the Rose Bowl last season without him - probably good reason for some to combat his Heisman case. I have no doubt though that if White were playing last season, he'd have had Oklahoma vying for a Fiesta Bowl (BCS championship) berth against Miami (Fla.) and Ohio State. Maybe he just wanted the three-team controversy to start a year later.

QB Jason White, Oklahoma

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