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Thursday, January 22, 2004
photo PSU celebrates opening with Block Party

The Park Student Union celebrated its grand opening last night with music, prizes, games and, of course, free food.

Tamara DeStefanis, director of PSU, said the Block Party was thrown as a thank-you to students who have had to deal with construction and delays.

"Although we've had a few problems in the past, I know that the students understand we are here to serve them," she said.

The free food was provided by Panda Express, Domino's Pizza and Bruegger's Bagels - all businesses that have yet to open in PSU. [Read article]

ResLife lifts cap on dorm housing

Temporary lift possible because of new dorms

Residence Life will temporarily lift a housing cap this year that prevents students who have lived in the residence halls for four semesters from returning another year.

Because new residence halls will be opening, Posada San Pedro and Puebla de la Cienega, there will be 550 extra spaces to fill, said Director of Residence Life Jim Van Arsdel. [Read article]

UA seeks approval to build garage

An $18 million parking garage could open at the northern edge of campus by the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year, if regents approve funding for its planning when they meet today and tomorrow.

The 1,500-space garage, which would be built at the northern end of North Highland Avenue, between East Helen Street and East Mabel Street, is among the proposals the Arizona Board of Regents will address. The garage would replace about 750 surface parking spots that will be lost to construction within the next few years. [Read article]

photo Prof helps date volcanic eruption

What happens when you put a dendrochronologist, an archeologist and a volcanologist in a room together?

They attempt to re-date a Northern Arizona volcanic eruption.

Paul Sheppard, an associate professor and researcher at the UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, along with two other scientists have preliminary results that show a volcano thought to have erupted in 1064 A.D. might have erupted 30 years earlier. [Read article]

Students ready for Chinese New Year ceremonies

Say goodbye to the horse and hello to the monkey - today is the first day of the Chinese New Year.

New Year's has different meanings throughout Asia, but some of the common customs involve receiving money from elders and cleaning the house.

"I need to do my laundry," said Kim Wah, a health and human services senior. She said cleaning is important to ensure a fresh start to the new year.

Wah, along with her friend Hien Truong, a visual communication senior, visited a Buddhist temple last night for a New Year's Eve ceremony. [Read article]

photo Students flock to Rec to stay fit

If you have gone to the Student Recreation Center lately, you might have had to wait in a long line that extended out of the weight room.

Although some may say the long line appears because people want to lose weight in time for swimsuit season, Campus Recreation officials say that is just a myth.

According to Juliette Moore, director of Campus Recreation, students are coming in larger numbers because there is an increased concern to stay fit. [Read article]

ASUA has no official stance on activity fee

Senators passed a resolution at last night's ASUA Senate meeting that stated ASUA has no opinion and no formal stance regarding a student activity fee.

The student activity fee, which is being discussed by the Collaboration Board, would require students to pay $30 per year to fund programs.

J.P. Benedict, ASUA president, told senators the resolution says ASUA is not a sponsor of the student activity fee. [Read article]

On the spot

Domino's manager finds no fortunes in free dots; doesn't mind folks using disguises to grab more free food

Wildcat: Hi, my name's Nathan and you're on the spot. See this? (holds up a plastic wrapper; Sullivan is serving Domino's new Cheesy Domino Dots)

Sullivan: Fortune cookie?

Wildcat: Yeah. What do you guys think about putting fortunes in the cheese bread?

Sullivan: Fortune Domino Dots? [Read article]

photo Fastfacts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • Ostriches are the fastest animals on two legs, and can maintain a speed of 45 mph for 30 minutes.

  • More than 30 people die in elevator-related accidents each year in the United States.

  • On Oct. 17, 1814, a ruptured brewery tank in London spilled 3,500 barrels of beer, causing a flood that demolished two houses and drowned nine people.

  • There are 22 bones in the human head. [Read article]

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    Campus Detective

    Question: Why the heck did we start classes Jan. 14 when Arizona State University didn't start until two days ago?

    Answer: I set out on my first case with bitter resolve. I was going to get to the bottom of this mystery.

    "It probably has to do with Martin Luther King Jr. Day," was the rather opaque answer by UA spokeswoman Sharon Kha. I retorted with, "Um, err, so uh, why do the other universities start on different days?" The reply was, "Why don't you call them?" So I played into their game - sometimes that's the only way you can get behind their defenses. [Read article]

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