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Friday, January 23, 2004

Smoking ban infringes on smokers' rights

Jennifer Kursman is partially right in her article "Statewide smoking ban" when she says: "However, when one's choices infringe on the well-being of other citizens, a line must be drawn between what is permissible and what is prohibited." Smoking is indeed a potentially lethal habit that not only causes lung cancer, but heart disease. These two ailments comprise the first and second spots, respectively, for the most common causes of death. Second-hand smoke is potentially even more lethal than the direct inhalation of smoke. The problem is that democracy's intention is to please everyone, while offending no one. A famous politician once said, "My right to swing my fists ends at the tip of your nose." An individual's right to smoke is compromised by this bill. Granted, if no other solution existed, public health would have to be considered over personal liberty. But waiters and waitresses, as Tim Belshe said, can find other jobs. I'm not sure what the smoking demographics are in this country, but at least a few smokers must work at any randomly chosen bar. Create a separate room or separate ventilation for people who want to smoke, and have the servers who do smoke wait on those areas. Smokers don't have to sit at the bar; servers can take their orders and the bartenders can make their drinks. That way, the lungs of bartenders can still have "4 percent better capacity," nonsmoking employees don't have to develop lung cancer from working in a bar, nonsmoking patrons can enjoy a smoke-free atmosphere, and the right of a smoker to frequent a bar will be preserved. [Read article]

photo Fully in Tact: Interview tips for the unintelligible

With the end of another school year approaching, many students are gearing up for interviews.

Whether for medical school, a summer job or a classy internship, interviews are the sweat-inducing sentinels of the professional world. Let's face it: They're scary as hell, especially when people don't usually like you and you have a problem remembering verb tense agreement when under pressure. But push your self-doubt aside because there is hope. Below are eight helpful tips for when you find yourself in the sterile, white-walled, fear-inducing interview room. [Read article]

The Raucous Caucus: Another new fee? No más!

Despite popular belief, and much to this columnists' disappointment, the activity fee recently receiving much attention has been put on the back burner for another week or so.

The Collaboration Board, made up of several groups on campus including representatives from the Residence Hall Association, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, the University Activities Board and Commuter Student Affairs, is just "researching the possibility of such a fee," Sen. Matt Harris said Wednesday. [Read article]

Editorial: Bombs Away

This week's winners and losers

The bomb - UA women's basketball's home winning streak. At 23 games, it's the second-longest in the country. No wonder coach Joan Bonvicini is on the good side of UA administrators, who are in the process of extending her contract. Life isn't all roses for the Wildcats, though - they've got a split record on the road and will meet up next in McKale with conference leader Stanford. [Read article]

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