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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

ASUA provides unique campus experience

Election season is upon us for ASUA positions and I would like to inform you about a unique opportunity. Our original eligibility deadline was Jan. 23, but we have decided to extend the deadline this year for a number of reasons. We initially pushed the deadline forward in hopes of giving students more time over winter break to consider running. We realize that this earlier deadline may have placed additional pressure on our candidates. We have also increased our outreach and personal communication this year, to ensure that we get candidates who are aware of the responsibility of holding office in ASUA. We also realize that due to the early deadline for elections packets, students may have found it difficult to obtain the necessary number of student signatures required in order to be placed on the ballot. It's for these reasons that we have extended our deadline for petitions to Friday. [Read article]

photo Connecting the Dots: Life with Campus Magazine

The Wildcat's not the only publication on campus these days.

There's a new magazine penetrating the UA. It's called Campus Magazine, and it's getting everyone's feathers all ruffled up.

You can think of it as a kind of Seventeen or Cosmo for the UA. Obviously targeted toward women, the magazine features beauty tips, electronic reviews and some relatively helpful and interesting features. [Read article]

Talking Back

Independents, Arizona's disenfranchised

The day has finally come for Arizonans to join in the presidential election process. Today, thousands of Arizonans will go to the polls to cast their votes for the Democratic candidate they want to replace George Bush in November. It is one of the greatest opportunities for Americans to make their voice heard in the political world. However, there is one segment of the Arizona population whose voice will not be heard today. They will be discriminated against for their political beliefs, and they will be denied the opportunity to vote for their candidate of choice. What's going on? Someone get Jesse Jackson here in Arizona to stop this injustice! [Read article]

From the Front

Accelerate Your Life

Editor's note: Molly Carmody is a UA student who joined the Navy Reserves in February 2001 to help pay for school. She is a member of the Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Force Mobil Mail Company and will be deployed shortly to Kuwait on active duty. She will be writing for the Wildcat twice monthly.

Day Three: I'm glad that I'm single. Watching the family men in my unit bid farewell to their teary wives and solemn kids brings a lump to the throat of even the most jaded reservist. The first two days of our mobilization were spent in lectures about health insurance, taxes and smallpox vaccinations. We have already endured hours waiting in lines at the Reserve Center to get our medical, dental, legal and service records checked and signed off by the staff there. [Read article]

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