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The Arizona Summer Wildcat is an independent student newspaper published daily during the fall and spring semesters at the University of Arizona. It is distributed on campus and throughout Tucson with a circulation of 17,000. The function of the Wildcat is to disseminate news to the community and to encourage an exchange of ideas. The Wildcat was founded under a different name in 1899.

All copy, photographs and graphics appearing in the Arizona Summer Wildcat are the sole property of the Wildcat and may not be reproduced without the specific consent of the editor in chief. A single copy of the Wildcat is free from newsstands. Unauthorized removal of multiple copies will be considered theft and may be prosecuted. Additional copies of the Wildcat are available from the Student Media office.

The Arizona Summer Wildcat is a member of the Associated Press and the Associated Collegiate Press.

Have a story concerning the University of Arizona or the campus area? Contact News Editor Nate Buchik with the information.

615 N. Park Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85721
(520) 621-3551
Advertising department
Display (520) 621-1686
Classified (520) 621-3425

Position: Name: Phone:
· Editor in Chief Caitlin Hall (520) 621-7579
· News Editor Nate Buchik (520) 621-3551
· Design Chief Mike Deats
· Photo Editor Kevin Klaus
· Entertainment Editor Mark Sussman
· Online Editor Josh Schlag
· "This Week" Editor Chris Cabulong
· Wire Editor Chris Cabulong
· News Reporters

Mitra Taj
Nathan Tafoya
Jesse Lewis
James Kelley

· Entertainment Reporters Spffee Beer
Nathan Tafoya
Nate Buchik
Celeste Meiffren
Lauren Hillery
Kylee Dawson
Elizabeth Thompson
Eli Herman
· Photographers Chris Coduto
Melissa Halterman
Dave Harden
Jacob Konst
Claire Laurence
· Designer Kevin Brady
· Columnists Susan Bonicillo
Jen Kursman
Keren Raz
Tim Belshe
Sara Warzecka
· Illustrator Mike Padilla
· Copy Editors Leslie Harris
Peter Poer
· Advertising Account Executives Corey Benjamin
Lenny Karpel
Stewert Mers
Marguax Theriault
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