Editorials: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, February 24, 2005

Senators once again making big promises

ASUA senators and senatorial candidates have a long history of making big, unrealistic promises. How many times have we heard that senators were going to make CatCards work on University Boulevard.?

Some claims have been downright ridiculous. One senator last year wanted to use reclaimed water in the misters at the Student Union Memorial Center.

So what did this year's candidates offer up at the barely-attended candidate forum Monday? More of the same. One senator even proposed the Arizona Daily Wildcat produce a Spanish language edition.

Perhaps senators should realize that the role of the ASUA Senate is a lot smaller than some may think. Or maybe these promises are just a result of 21 candidates vying for 10 positions, and getting attention is difficult at best.

Channing, not Salim, deserved highest recognition.

After Sunday's thrilling victory over Oregon State, the last home game of the season, Lute Olson recognized four seniors. It was clear that they were introduced in ascending order of importance. First came head manager Joe Williams. Then came the three senior players.

While nobody was surprised that Matt Brase was introduced first, some take issue with Salim Stoudamire getting the final introduction.

Salim has been a huge asset to this team over the past couple months. His record-setting performance at that game showed as much. However, his tenure at the UA is marked by discipline problems and public denouncements of his leadership. We needed his turnaround long before 2005.

Channing Frye, on the other hand, has been an on-court leader and a good citizen throughout his stay.

That Stoudamire was the only senior not to hug his family, choosing to stand awkwardly next to them instead, contrasts sharply with Frye's row of hugs and high fives.

Nonetheless, fans couldn't help but cheer at having four years with these two great players.

Career Showcase's claim less than impressive

On Feb. 17 business students attended the annual Career Showcase at the Eller College of Management. The event joins dozens of companies with students looking for jobs after graduation. It requires a fair amount of coordination and planning. It was also heavily promoted, including a countdown banner at the entrance to the building.

However, its promotional materials made one claim that left us scratching our heads. It called the showcase "one of the largest student-run career fairs in Arizona." We're not sure how many student-run career fairs there are in Arizona, but surely the organizers of the event could have come up with something more impressive.

Perhaps the Arizona Ambassadors can start calling the UA "one of the top public universities in Arizona."

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