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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, March 3, 2005

Question: Do you think the proposed Cats Ride, a program similar to SafeRide that would pick up drunk drivers, is a good use of student funds?

"It's a bad idea because if we're raising tuition, we shouldn't be spending it on that. Getting home is that person's responsibility."

Grace DeLeon
undeclared freshman

"Well, if you're drunk it's good because you shouldn't be driving in the first place."

Jaime Reyes
undeclared freshman

"I have mixed feelings. I feel it's your responsibility and you should be able to pay for a taxi. There are means and extremes between the party world and education."

Kristina Bergdahl
ecology and evolutionary biology freshman

"I don't particularly care, but it's a good cause. College students are not responsible people."

Paul Wright
computer science junior

"I think it's a good idea. I'd call, and I know that

others would be wise enough to call."

Will Rowntree
philosophy junior

"I think it's good. Sometimes you drink too much and need a ride, but spending student funds is bad, too."

Bhumasamud Jagadish
staff scientist

"That'd be a help. First of all, it would make students safer and keep students from getting MIPs. And it's better than building more buildings."

Chachi Smith
biology senior