ASUA Elections: Bernsen edges Reuben for presidency

By Anthony D. Ávila
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sonn, Hertzog win VP positions in record turnout

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona announced last night Cade Bernsen as the winning presidential candidate in the second-highest voter turnout since 1990.

In a record-breaking election, the total of 4,452 votes was still shy of the 5,241 turnout 16 years ago, but 849 more votes than last year's general election.

Bernsen won with 2,196 votes, 2.6 percent and 111 more than Jacob Reuben, who won the primaries last week by 7.3 percent.

Hundreds of students showed up for the announcement of the ASUA election results for president, executive vice president, administrative vice president and senator positions last night in the Student Union Memorial Center Kiva Room.

When asked if he was surprised with the election, Reuben responded, "Elections turn out in weird ways, but it'll be all right."

Candidates and students involved in ASUA expressed concern about the small margin by which Bernsen won.

Jordan Miller, ASUA administrative vice president, said she hopes Bernsen will take ASUA in the same direction it's going because she is concerned with issues of continuity within the student government.

"We love getting fresh faces in ASUA, but they must understand there is a strong foundation already," Miller said. "They can't just start from scratch."

Bernsen said though many people within ASUA felt threatened by an outsider having a chance to win the presidency, he considers his campaign as a fresh start.

"I'd like to think of our campaign as a breath of fresh air," Bernsen said. "But I'm looking forward to working with the current ASUA administration in the transition period."

ASUA President Alistair Chapman said he is confident he will do a great job preparing Bernsen for next year and the transition will supply Bernsen with the skills to get students' support.

"I've already told him to be in my office at 7:45 tomorrow morning," Chapman said.

Unopposed candidate Erin Hertzog won 100 percent of her bid for executive vice president with 3,740 votes.

Cassi Sonn won more than two-thirds of the vote for administrative vice president, with 2,742 votes to Fernando Ascenscio's 1,223 votes.

Each of the 10 senatorial candidate winners received more than 1,000 votes, and the top winner, Alex Dong, received 2,215 votes.

Executive Vice President Sara Birnbaum said all 10 senators, each winning more than 1,000 votes, is unprecedented to her knowledge and is nothing but optimistic for next year's senate.

The other senate winners included Matt Loehman, Matt Boepple, Ashley Eden, Ryan Erickson, Lexie Ettinger, Matthew Loehman, Jami Reinsch, Rhonda Tubbs and Heather K. Spicer and Patrick Cook.