UAPD rides, uniforms get new makeover

By Lauren Lund
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Those tired of looking at the drab University of Arizona Police cars driving around campus are in luck because the cars just got a new look.

"In an attempt to bridge the gap between the officers and the younger generation, we wanted to be a little more flashy and bring more attention to the car," said UAPD spokesman Sgt. Eugene Mejia.

The new graphics, which include a wildcat on the hood and the UA logo with an American flag on the rear, cost about $500, which is not much more than the old graphics, Mejia said.

As of now UAPD has one new car, which will be used as a Crime Prevention and Recruiting vehicle and a showpiece for the department, but there could be more in the future, Mejia said.

"As we get new vehicles and find the graphics helped improve relationships by making police more approachable, we will probably change all vehicles to the new graphics," Mejia said.

To further perfect the relationship between the UA community and the police, UAPD officers have also gotten a style overhaul to match the new car.

The old khaki-style uniform the officers have been wearing since the 1980s are being replaced with the "Perfect Match" navy blue uniform, reports stated.

The new uniforms have been tested in the community and received favorable input, reports stated.

UAPD hopes the new graphics and uniforms will make students more willing and comfortable to talk to officers, even if it's just about the cool new graphics, Mejia said.

UAPD will be showcasing their new car and uniforms on the UA mall today from 10 a.m. to noon.

Students are encouraged to talk to the officer and comment on the new graphics, Mejia said.