Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Reuben's image marred by Wildcat coverage

I believe it is a shame to the student body how the Associated Students of the University of Arizona elections are being misrepresented by the Wildcat. First, the article with three directors of Spring Fling describing how Jacob Reuben was fired is inaccurate. They were not the boss of Jacob Reuben's position and were not there when the conversation with the executive director took place. I am currently in ASUA and Hammond speaks about how Jacob was not cordial with them when he left, yet every time I am in the office Spring Fling directors are in their office with the door shut never saying hi or being cordial to me. Second, when Bernsen was asked to relate his work in Texas with three concrete examples he was only able to give one, that he sat in meetings with his father. This is answer enough for the Wildcat? Cade consistently says he is not going to attack Reuben's platform yet in the Wildcat many negative comments are from his campaign managers or PAD members who endorse him. He has someone else do it. After attending the Wildcat debate I am in awe that Cade Bernsen in fact received the Wildcat endorsement and wonder if people who decided this were actually listening to what students want.

Brad Martin
economics junior

Reuben won debate, deserves vote

After hearing the Associated Students of the University of Arizona debate and the Wildcat debate I am outraged as a minority that Cade Bernsen has not only received the endorsement from the Wildcat but continues to be painted as a Texan gentlemen by their writers. At the ASUA debate when asked for his thoughts on making the UA a Hispanic-serving institution he said he did not feel comfortable weighing in on it at that time. He has consistently not answered questions or showed his ignorance toward questions concerning cultural diversity. I would like to state that I believe Jacob Reuben would without doubt do the best job and I will be voting for someone with not only the experience, not only someone who has been at the campus for longer than a year, not only someone who is my age and can understand my needs and wants as a student but most importantly someone who will be a voice for the minorities on this campus.

Paul Cohen
communication junior

AIDS research necessary

Mr. Monteleone claims that AIDS research is a waste of tax dollars because AIDS is "100 percent preventable" and is "an epidemic caused by the gays." The 149,989 individuals who have caught HIV through heterosexual contact, as well as the 20,726 who have caught it through means other than drugs or sex would beg to differ. In fact, 13,260 contracted the disease through heterosexual contact in 2003, making heterosexual contact the second-leading cause that year. Those who have received the disease through blood transfusions - or even through blood testing, much of it brought about by a war on drugs with no credible scientific basis - would beg to differ that it is 100 percent preventable. They certainly had no say in it. Those who are still alive and functioning would, I'm sure, be quite comforted by your proposal to cut off all funding for research that might stop their disease.

Aaron Dimsdale
undeclared freshman

Wildcat forgoes impartiality

Whatever happened to media impartiality? Imagine our surprise when we opened the Wildcat this morning to find what can only be described as a brutal attack on our friend Jacob Reuben. We find it astonishing that a generally well respected student publication has resorted to such juvenile choosing of sides.

Furthermore, it could not be more irresponsible to point the finger of blame from the 2003 incident involving Reuben's fraternity at Reuben himself. The incident took place in fall 2003 - not only was Reuben not yet elected as president of his fraternity, but as a board member, he made it clear to his brothers that he found their actions unacceptable and reprehensible.

So the Wildcat endorses Reuben's opponent. In these crucial days before the election, has there been any mention that both the Panhellenic Council and the Eller College of Management both fully support Reuben for ASUA president? Or is the Wildcat only interested in spreading the world about their choice of candidate (a man who has only spent one full semester here at the UA)?

We are disappointed in the Wildcat's unprofessional approach to this year's elections.

Jordan Silverman
creative writing sophomore

Anna Schwarz
communications sophomore

UN performs vital function

I would like to respond to Mr. Reed on the issue of the place of the United Nations. The United Nations is vital in today's world. More so than it was when it was created in the late forties. Back then, a global watchdog organization was merely a pretty image, and was not needed in the black and white reality of the Cold War. In today's world, however, when the International court is losing power and respect and NATO taking on missions it wasn't designed for, the United Nations' place as the designated global watchdog is more vital then ever. As well, with many regions drifting into introverted chaos, the United Nations' mere presence has an astounding effect. Without the U.N., first world nations such as the United States, Germany, Britain and Canada would be left to police the world as independent nations with their own interests at heart. Yes, the United Nations has some issues that it needs to address, but it must address them while continuing to fulfill the vital role that they do.

Robb Loeb
history freshman

Facebook messages inappropriate

In regard to Dan Post's column the other week about Associated Students of the University of Arizona campaigns on www.The, I believe that campaigning on it gives an unfair advantage to many of the candidates. While signing on to Thefacebook yesterday evening I was surprised to see a message that I had received from many of the mass messages I get from the many groups I am in. This one was in regard to voting for Jacob Reuben. This message was from a fellow fraternity brother of Jacob Reuben. I know this because I looked at this person profile on Thefacebook. The message stated this word-for-word "Tuesday and Wednesday are the ASUA election, vote for Jacob Reuben and Cassie Sonn. The other dude is a 26-year-old undergraduate with no ASUA experience because he transferred here a year ago. Vote for Jacob Reuben, he's been on ASUA for 3 years now while the other guy's been doing who knows what."

Does this give an unfair advantage? I believe it does. Did Jacob Reuben ask his fraternity brother to do this? I would hope not. I would hope that Mr. Reuben would talk to his fraternity brothers and tell them that this type of behavior is uncalled for. I was going to vote for Mr. Reuben but after receiving this bashing message I will have to say he has lost my vote.

Michael Ference
accounting senior

Camp Wildcat more than at first glance

In response to the article "Tucson kids go camping at Camp Wildcat with UA Students," I would like to elaborate on the vague and somewhat misguided information presented about the club. Camp Wildcat is not a place but an actual student-run organization on campus that promotes college as an attainable goal for elementary and junior high school students. The camp held over the weekend was one of our Big Camps, which includes hands-on rotations centered around a specific theme. It wasn't just "fun in the mountains" as the reporter alludes to. Under the theme "Reach for the Stars," we focused on astronomy and other scientific elements while always encouraging the campers to reach for their own dreams. While I appreciated the attention on our club's activities, I want people to understand that our mission is more than just kids clamoring down the hill in anticipation of sloppy joes.

Katie Paulson
English and political science junior

Thanks for publishing vagina photo

In response to Monday's opinion titled "Chocolate vaginas disrespect women," I would like to clarify that the students selling chocolate vaginas on the Mall were undergraduate members of a student club (The Network of Feminist Student Activists), and not staff members of the Campus Health OASIS Program as Tawfik Maudah suggested. The OASIS Program is the primary beneficiary of this year's production and will receive the bulk of its proceeds. Ten percent of the proceeds will also be donated to Iraqi women's organizations, including the "Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq."

I would also like to thank the Wildcat for printing the picture in question. I'm sure it was a major reason that both performances were sold out. Many people dropped by the ticket table just to buy chocolate vaginas.

Chad Sniffen
public health graduate student

Vagina brings attention to valid causes

As a lover of chocolate and the proud owner of a vagina, I feel compelled to write in response to yesterday's letter from Jacob Lauser, and to disapprovers of chocolate vaginas everywhere.

I agree that the symbol is somewhat extreme and abrasive, as is always necessary for bringing attention to a cause. Mr. Lauser, if the day comes that men in certain countries are denied basic education and health care based on their sex, or are murdered by their female family members when they are raped to absolve their "ruined" honor, or the average wage for a man is significantly less for doing the same work as a woman, or men are placed under constant threat of losing the right to choose what happens with their bodies, then I think chocolate penises being sold to honor and celebrate masculinity would be just as funny and appropriate as the chocolate vaginas. I truly hope that day never comes, as it would be equally as terrible as the current patriarchy.

This is not an issue of women vs. men. It comes down to this: It hurts everyone when a specific group of people are subjected to violence, oppression and shame for any reason. When that happens, it is important that someone speak up, speak loudly and provide snacks. The chocolate vaginas are an attempt to approach these very difficult issues with a little humor, sass, and, god forbid, sexuality, all of which are inseparable from the discourse of sexual politics, womanhood, vaginas and human beings.

Jenna Foster
studio art junior

Vagina photo unrealistic

Despite all the controversy over the 'Chocolate Vagina' photo, the candy in question doesn't look anything like a real vagina. In my experience not only are they pink, but whats the second hole doing there? If anything the point wasn't made becuase no one got a very good anatomy lesson out of it. As for being offended, its not clear whats so offensive? Is it that it was made of chocolate, or was it perhaps a racist comment on behalf of the writer, since the Vagina was black? Either way the people who designed those candies should either take some more classes, get sexually kosher girlfriends, or perhaps buy mirrors to examine themselves before putting out any more vagina line products.

Seth J. Frantzman
UA Alumnus

Alumni irresponsible for trying to change speakers

The alumni that refuse to donate to the UA because Michael Moore spoke at the University are using inaccurate logic and in doing so, hurt the University. Pete Seat claims that ASUA made a mistake not finding a conservative speaker. If I remember correctly, ASUA brought David Hardy to campus. He is not only conservative, but also rather anti-Moore. Ann Coulter also came to campus, although not sponsored by ASUA, however the University allowed them use of Centennial Hall. ASUA also asked Bill O Reilly to come to campus, a speaker with a higher profile than Moore; however he wanted too much money. Did the Alumni overlook this? The fact is there were more conservative speakers on campus than liberal last year.

Seat also says that ASUA made a mistake bringing Moore to campus. Imagine if positions were reversed, and ASUA brought a higher profile conservative speaker. The liberal alumni would withhold their donations. The alumni that donate shouldn t be swayed by the speakers that come to campus. No alumni funds were used to bring Moore to campus. That detail is more important than some people lead on. When alumni pull out their wallets to give money, they should be thinking about education not political beliefs. A university setting should foster the views of many individuals, and this is what ASUA was trying to achieve by bringing Moore to campus, just as they tried to bring O Reilly and did bring several other conservative speakers. The alumni are doing a disservice to the University and damaging educational potential with petty political views.

Alan Fullmer
Journalism Sophomore

Bernsen looks like Pat Buchanon

The picture of Cade Bernsen on the fornt page of March 8ths wildcat makes him appear to be the age of a real presidential candidate. Did anyone notice the Pat Buchanon resemblence. THis is not slander, just the truth, that he looks about 40 years old. Now maybe its trick photography to make us think he's 'presidential material' but it seems, based off appearences, that he might not be the best candidate for us 'traditional' students. On the other hand who wants a student body president named after a sandwhich.

James Gosses
Biochemistry senior

Election coverage biased

As a lifelong writer, a former journalist, and a not-so-detached observer of the ASUA Presidential race, I m disappointed in the tone, completeness, and quality of the coverage by the Arizona Daily Wildcat. While watching a candidate successfully campaign on a platform without substance is disturbing, although not uncommon. For a newspaper to so deeply buy into the cult of personality and endorse said campaign in an editorial with even less substance is, well, amateurish. It s clear that you chose to endorse one candidate, citing passionate and a willingness to scream when talking about women nursing in bathroom stalls, because you covet a non-traditional candidate. That s fine, albeit misguided, but the personal attacks in a nearby column showed The Wildcat s true colors.

The columnist criticized a candidate for being slender and having boyish looks. I m at a loss to see how that s relevant to the candidate s abilities. Simultaneously, the column comments almost insultingly that the candidate was methodical. Do you think Howard Dean wishes he had chosen his words and actions a bit more carefully? When did thoughtfulness become a liability in a candidate for office?

The editorial stated that one candidate clearly illustrated that he actually cared about student s interest while the other, apparently, just claimed to care. Can you cite an example to support this claim? Can you provide any evidence, empirical or otherwise? Perhaps a quotation?

If not, and I doubt any such support exists, this editorial was as lacking substance as was the column. It appears to me that The Wildcat has become nothing more than a biased blog. When it comes to empty campaign promises and student newspapers, I think the students of the University of Arizona deserve better.

Jeff Stanlis
UA alumnus

Cruel to denounce senate candidates

While endorsing the ASUA canidates is one thing, it was completely unfair to denounce a few hard-working senatorial canidates. I have seen many of these canidates out on the mall, working hard and giving it their all to get votes. Then the almighty Daily Wildcat steps in and crushes their dreams based on one short interview. The Wildcat claims that some senatorial canidates provide platforms that are not realistic, then contradict themselves by endorsing a canidate who proposes Napster in all dorm rooms, and another whose whole platform is based on getting the "student body to know about ASUA." News flash: Napster in dorms isn't exactly feasible, and nobody at the UA cares about ASUA, or getting to know them. Thats why less than 10% of the school's population voted. Those who do decide to vote, should vote based on what they know about the canidates, not what The Wildcat claims to know. Next years election commissioner must do a better job than Adam Falck, and see to it that a FAIR election is run. The Wildcat endorsements are the easiest way for a canidate to gain votes, but denouncements do nothing but ruin months of hard work and dedication toward a canidates campaign.

Jonathan DeMarini
Physiology Junior

Wildcat endorsement irresponsible

I am writing this letter to express my disgust at the Wildcat's endorsement of ASUA presidential candidtate Cade Bernsen. It seems that someone on your staff must have just closed their eyes and pointed to the candidate that you would support. There can be no other explanation, especially after Monday's debate that was sponsored by this newspaper. During that debate, Mr. Bernsen was finally at a loss for words when asked about the specific actions he would take to accomplish the goals in his platform. Also in that same debate, following a question to candidate Jacob Reuben about diversity on our campus, Mr. Bernsen was asked how having a childcare center on campus would benefit the average student. His answer- "How does having hispanics and african americans at the university benefit the average student?" So, instead of making headlines stating Cade Bernsen's bigotry, the Wildcat decided it would be best to just give him an all out endorsement. I'm not sure how they do things in Texas, but a 25-year old, undergraduate transfer student, racist (Cade Bernsen) certainly does not represent me at the University of Arizona.

Neal Babcock
Criminal Justice Junior

Reuben misrepresented by Wildcat

I was very disturbed when I picked up today's copy of the Daily Wildcat. I felt that Jacob Reuben was misrepresented in articles on the front cover. I was curious if contact was made with him before the article was published? Also, I feel this gives Cade Bensen an unfair advantage to the election because he is a transfer student and the student body does not have a history of his achievements or downfalls. Why don't you show a list of all the positives Jacob Reuben has contributed to University of Arizona, rather than flashing around an insignificant matter? Overall, I was disturbed to see The Wildcat presenting a very opinionated stance rather than representing the entire student body.

Ashley Lacourse
Junior Business Major