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McKale thief formally indicted

By Jennifer Amsler
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday, March 21, 2005
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The associate director of Parking and Transportation Services, his son, a former McKale Center employee, and the rest of his immediate family were indicted on charges of burglary after police found computers, sporting equipment and autographed UA memorabilia in their home last year, officials said.

Clint A. Thomson, 20, was arrested Oct. 29 for burglary, and police connected him with missing items from McKale Center, 1741 E. Enke Drive, over the span of a year, reports stated.

The owner of a computer repair shop contacted the University of Arizona Police Department to report a suspicious person named Clint Thomson who dropped off a computer, reports stated.

The owner told police Thomson said he purchased five computers on the Internet for $1,000 each in cash but did not have a receipt, reports stated.

The owner knew the computer was retailed at $2,000 so he contacted police, reports stated.

Police found the serial numbers on the computer at the repair shop matched one of five computers that were reported stolen June 21, reports stated.

The same night, Susan Mason, the athletics assistant director of event operations, reported various items had been stolen from McKale Center, reports stated.

Police obtained a search warrant to Thomson's home and found the five missing computers and the items Mason reported stolen, reports stated.

The found items included 20 pairs of Nike shoes, UA clothing, cameras, a television, sporting equipment, tools, cases of water and soda, coolers, three stadium chairs, autographed memorabilia, three boxes of baseball bats, two boxes of athletic tape, two buckets of baseballs, golf and cheerleader bags, bobble-head dolls and a set of master keys.

An employee at McKale Center said the master keys allow access to all secure areas in the building, reports stated.

Police found the items in Thomson's bedroom, his brother's bedroom, a spare bedroom and the garage, reports stated.

Police asked Thomson about the items and he said his supervisor gave it all to him, reports stated.

Police contacted Thomson's supervisor and he said, on occasion, employees were given items like T-shirts and hats, reports stated.

However, the supervisor said he did not give Thomson new, packaged sweatshirts, duffle bags, polo shirts, warm-up suits or other specialty items such as autographed memorabilia, reports stated.

Police found a box of red and blue basketballs, and a camcorder, and Clint Thomson said, "That's mine! I don't know if it works, but I found it in a construction area," reports stated.

Clint Thomson's father Gary L. Thomson, the associate director for PTS, said he noticed a few things around the house but never suspected anything was wrong, reports stated.

Gary Thomson recalled seeing 20 pairs of Nike shoes, some of the memorabilia, a Gatorade cooler, the three folding chairs and seven cases of soda and water, but did not think it was suspicious, reports stated.

Police found several UA items in the room of Colin Thomson, Clint Thomson's younger brother, including a large bag filled with UA clothing, reports stated.

Colin Thomson, 18, had memorabilia displayed around his room, including autographed footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, a football helmet, a mini helmet, baseball cap, batting gloves and a "Lute Olson All Stars" jersey, reports stated.

Colin Thomson said he received the memorabilia from Clint Thomson, reports stated.

Police asked Colin Thomson if the items were taken without permission and he said, "They could have (been)," reports stated.

Police read Clint Thomson his Miranda rights to which he responded, "I did it! My younger brother had nothing to do with it," and confessed he had "done it and was taking responsibility for the property," reports stated.

Four UAPD vehicles were required to take the items to the station, reports stated.

Clint Thomson was transferred to Pima County Jail on three counts of burglary.

Sgt. Eugene Mejia, UAPD spokesman, said the three men and Gary Thomson's wife were indicted and will soon be given a trial date.

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