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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday, March 21, 2005
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America has become too politically correct

America has become too PC for its own good. I pick up the paper and all I read about is this or that person bitching about whatever little thing upsets them. Most recently, I read about chocolate vaginas being handed out to promote a play. Personally, I was shocked and amused, but I thought it was a good tactic to promote. Yet now I'm reading people complaining about them. Let me explain something America: freedom of speech, freedom of press. Yes, that means you can bitch all you want and get it published, but that doesn't mean that you should just to bring attention to yourself. America is so engrossed in being PC that it relishes in those who don't adhere to it. Why do you think people like Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Eminem, Ann Coulter and Michael Moore are so popular? They are idolized because they say screw PC, and Americans love them for it. I'd even venture to say that the right-wing religious nut-job Jed Smock was even idolized here at Arizona. We wanted to hear him for the shock value, not for the message. However, while most Americans join in and say screw PC, when any one of them is mildly offended, it turns into a witch-hunt, and then it becomes a shunned act, and yet another thing becomes unacceptable. It is the bringing to reality of "Fahrenheit 451." We know that today is the day of the lawyer and if we complain loud and long enough, we will get what we want. So enjoy it while it lasts, America. Gobble up your chocolate vaginas, watch Chappelle and listen to Eminem, because we won't have these freedoms for long.

Tom Ruane
political science sophomore

People whining about Moore need to grow up

For all those people bitching about Michael Moore coming to campus, I have four things to say to you: 1) Grow up 2) Get over it 3) Ann Coulter came, and she is so far right she makes most Republicans look like hippies and 4) GROW UP. For the last five months, the Republicans have been calling everyone else sore losers, telling us to get over Bush stealing, um, I mean winning, the election. Yet they have spent even longer crying over one of many speakers who had come to campus. Why? Because more people went to his talk than any other. Because they don't like competition in the crybaby arena. Because they need to get over it. If a group of alumni and other people are too stupid to realize that there was a conservative speaker who came and that ASUA did not pay for Moore's visit, then are these really the kind of people we want a higher educational environment to associate with? A university is supposed to make people smarter, supposed to make us get ready for the real world and to be adults, so let's try that.

Cerridwen Johnson
psychology senior

Salim, not Diogu, deserves Pac-10 award

I have been waiting for five basketball seasons, I have been through a loss in the national championship, an early-morning ticket riot, a shocking Elite Eight loss to Kansas, and of course the first-round loss last year. In my time at the UA we have had some outstanding teams and some outstanding players. None of these in the past compare to the year that Salim has had this year. His three Pac-10 Player of the Week awards should have been four. He is a Wooden award finalist, oh yeah, let's not forget his unheard of 53 percent from beyond the arc. For Salim to not win Pac-10 Player of the Year is just plain idiotic. Ike Diogu does not deserve it. If Ike had the amazing players around him, like we have down here, he would not even have been in the hunt. In my opinion, Ike should not be rewarded, and Salim should not be punished because ASU sucks. One last thing, to the Pac-10 Player of the Year: Have fun in the NIT.

Kyle Larson

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