Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Outdoor trips merit consideration

Regarding spring break, it seems as though people have missed a really great opportunity to enjoy themselves in a wonderful setting.

As a participant in quite a few UA Outdoor Adventures trips in the past, although not affiliated with them, I was quite disappointed to hear that Outdoor Adventures' spring break Paria Canyon backpacking trip, with its intense slot canyons and gorgeous views, had been cancelled because of lack of interest. Do people really know what they're missing as a great choice for spring break?

Many students go to Rocky Point or Las Vegas for break. I do not wish to denigrate either of these choices: Getting toasted in Mexico or making a horrible decision on a blackjack hand in Vegas can both be important life experiences. But do you know what 1.3 billion people call the United States? That's right: China, with all those people, does not call the United States "the U.S." or "United States" or "America"; they call it "Mei-gwor," or "Beautiful Country," for its physical beauty.

The Wire Pass-Paria Canyon backpacking trip offered by the UA is clearly an example of this beauty and of the variety of choices that one has for spending spring break. I've done a lot of backpacking, and the scenery on this trip is top-shelf, believe me.

So it is therefore a bit sad to hear that, with more than 35,000 students and faculty at the UA, a mere two people had signed up for this physically challenging but extremely rewarding trip. Hopefully in the future, UA students, employees and the surrounding community will remember the great outdoors as one of the best choices for spring break, so that this excellent trip is not cancelled again. Dana Eyde
Disability Resource Center

Cruel to denounce senate candidates

While endorsing the Associated Students of the University of Arizona candidates is one thing, it was completely unfair to denounce a few hardworking senatorial candidates. I have seen many of these candidates out on the Mall, working hard and giving it their all to get votes. Then the almighty Daily Wildcat steps in and crushes their dreams based on one short interview.

The Wildcat claims that some senatorial candidates provide platforms that are not realistic, and then it contradicts itself by endorsing a candidate who proposes Napster in all dorm rooms and another whose whole platform is based on getting the "student body to know about ASUA."

News flash: Napster in dorms isn't exactly feasible, and nobody at the UA cares about ASUA or about getting to know them. That's why less than 10 percent of the school's population voted. Those who do decide to vote should vote based on what they know about the candidates, not what the Wildcat claims to know. Next year's election commissioner must do a better job than Adam Falck and see to it that a fair election is run. The Wildcat endorsements are the easiest way for a candidate to gain votes, but denouncements do nothing but ruin months of hard work and dedication toward a candidate's campaign.

Jonathan DeMarini
physiology junior

UA lacrosse team coverage important

Thank you for covering the UA men's lacrosse team and their 2005 season. I wish the other newspapers in town had the room to cover this team. Our community should know that this is a very fine lacrosse team that has been invited to play as one of the top 16 teams in the country for the Unites States Lacross Interscholastic Association (USLIA) five out of the last eight years.

Vicky Sherman
mother of lacrosse player

Beard confused about ESPN award

In the Arizona Daily Wildcat's cover article March 9 about the Eller Pre-Professional Student Association's fashion show, it was written that Amanda Beard "doesn't care too much for the honor [of being named ESPN's hottest female athlete]." Regarding the honor, Beard said, "It's embarrassing. I mean, it's very flattering, but I don't pay attention to that and (it) obviously doesn't contribute to my day." Yet a week earlier in the same newspaper she is quoted telling's Mary Buckheit, "No, I'm serious. This is a huge honor in my book." C'mon, Amanda. Which one is it?

Fritz Musser
senior majoring in Russian