Police Beat

By Lauren Lund
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, April 14, 2005

An unknown person stole a woman's cell phone while she was at Spring Fling at Rillito Downs Park, 4502 N. First Ave., April 7, reports stated.

The woman told police she lost her phone at about 11:55 p.m., reports stated.

She said she called her phone and an unknown woman answered, reports stated.

The victim told police the woman who answered her phone refused to bring the phone back or meet with her to return it, reports stated.

Police advised the woman to contact her service provider and report her phone as stolen, reports stated. Police have no suspects or witnesses.

Two students were assaulted in the parking lot at East Second Street and North Tyndall Avenue by at least two unknown men early Friday morning, reports stated.

Police went to the location and found one student lying on the ground with several bloody abrasions on his arms, a busted lip, a bloody nose and a cut on the top of his head, reports stated.

The other student was sitting up next to the first student and also had blood on his face, but police could not determine the source of the blood flow, reports stated.

Both students had been drinking, reports stated.

Police spoke with the student on the ground about the incident, and he was reluctant to provide information, reports stated.

Police had to repeat questions several times before the student would give answers, and when the student did answer, the response was often vague, reports stated.

Police asked the student if he knew who assaulted him and after a moment of hesitation he said he did not, reports stated.

The student told police he only saw the individual who hit him and could not provide an accurate description of him, reports stated.

Police asked the student if he wanted to press charges for the incident if the individual responsible could be located and he said he did not, reports stated.

Police spoke with the other student and he displayed the same reluctance to answer questions as the first student did, reports stated.

He told police he did not wish to press charges either, reports stated.

Victim's Rights forms were not given, and photos were not taken based on the student's attitudes concerning the incident and their unwillingness to be considered as victims, reports stated.

Both students were reluctant to be treated but eventually agreed to examinations and both were cleared, reports stated.

Police waited with the students until a taxi arrived to transport them, reports stated.

An unknown person spray painted an area of the Park Garage, 1140 N. Park Ave., Friday morning, reports stated.

An officer found the damage on the top level of the garage. The black design appeared to be approximately 4 to 5 feet in length, reports stated.

Police checked the area for any signs of physical evidence and dispatch notified facilities management to have the paint removed, reports stated.

Police found no investigative leads, suspects or witnesses.

A professor received harassing phone calls from a graduate student at 1615 N. Norton Ave. between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. Friday, reports stated.

The professor told police he received two harassing phone calls from the student to whom he rented a room, about which there is a dispute over the student's $340 security deposit, reports stated.

He said there have been no physical threats and he does not wish for any further contact from the student, reports stated.

The professor told police he sent a certified letter to the student describing why he has not returned the deposit, reports stated.

He did not want to pursue criminal charges but requested police make contact with the student to explain he wants no further contact from her, reports stated.

Police made contact with the student over the phone and explained to her that unwanted telephone contact is a form of harassment, reports stated.

She told police she understood and was only trying to arrange a meeting with the employee to resolve the money issue, reports stated.

The student said she would not try to contact the professor and would contact the courts to resolve the issue, reports stated.

Police told the student that criminal charges may be brought against her if she contacts the professor in the future, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found daily at http://www.uapd.arizona.edu.