Recruitment for campus sororities ends Tuesday

By Danielle Rideau
Arizona Daily Wildcat
August 22, 2005

Formal recruitment for Pan-hellenic sororities is in process and will come to a close tomorrow when potential new members are given bids.

The process of recruitment began Aug. 18 with an orientation for 800 registered potential new members and in the following days, the women visited each chapter to learn about each individual house and meet the members, said Gary Ballinger, greek life coordinator.

During the second and third day of recruitment, the women visited the 11 chapters in an "open house-like event," to learn about what each chapter does in terms of philanthropy and community service, Ballinger said.

After the first two introductory days, the potential new members list which houses they want to return to and the women already in sororities choose who they would like to see return, Ballinger said.

When those selections are made, Ballinger said, the Panhellenic Council uses a computer program to match up the chapters with the potential new members using a "statistical formula."

On the fourth day, "the philanthropy round", the women visit a maximum of eight houses where the potential new members learn about the philanthropy that each house supports, Ballinger said.

The next day is a themed day where potential new members visit a maximum of five houses and the active members perform skits that are meant to be educational and entertaining, Ballinger said.

On preference day, which is today, potential members visit a maximum of three chapters in a more formal event where they learn about the sisterhood, rituals and values of the chapters, he said.

Formal recruitment ends with bid day tomorrow in the Student Union Memorial Center at 5 p.m.

The women who are chosen will receive their bid, or an invitation to join a sorority, and are escorted to the house by the active sorority women, Ballinger said.

The National Pan-hellenic Council and Interfraternity Council will hold recruitment later in the semester. NPHC is having a "meet the greeks," meeting Sept. 30 and the IFC will begin their recruitment Aug. 28, according to the greek life Web site.