Board will set criteria for Likins' successor

By Troy J. Acevedo
Arizona Daily Wildcat
August 30, 2005

The committee tabbed with picking the next UA president must first define their expectations and establish criteria before they can begin selecting candidates.

Chairman Fred Boice and other committee members will begin developing these criteria at next week's meeting to get the ball rolling in employing a new UA president come June.

"The committee is together, the consultants have been hired, but until the first meeting, we really don't really have too much to go on," said Boice, treasurer of the Arizona Board of Regents.

The search could be more difficult than planned, however, because other universities are also looking for a new president, like the University of Texas and University of North Carolina, Boice said.

Committee members that were capable of properly representing the interests of all parties across campus had challenges and limitations as well, Boice said.

"Trying to get a diverse group as possible while keeping the numbers as small as possible really presented a challenge while forming the committee," Boice said. "(We) were more concerned with having a good qualified membership base rather than worrying about the numbers."

While not fully inclusive, the committee was selected to make sure the community and students have a say in choosing the next president.

Open forums will be set up throughout the year, which will give non-committee members like students and staff, an opportunity to share their input.

"If you look at the committee as it stands now, it shows that everyone will be represented in an equal and fair way."

The search committee will hold their first meeting Sept. 8.