Scatter shot

Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 1, 2005

A collection of views, gripes and nonsense

Random review

The new Chicken Fries from Burger King are being advertised every time we turn on the TV. We tried them because they told us to, and we give them two clogged arteries way up. They're also the cheapest item on the menu, but now we're craving hamburger fries.

Gripe of the week:

There are too many T-shirts on campus that attempt to be funny and ironic. Urban Outfitters keeps stocking these shirts, but it's time we stopped buying them. First of all, we've seen every shirt more than one time, and they're never funny after you see them once. Second of all, the shirt does not suggest "I've got a great sense of humor" like you want it to. These shirts all mean that you can't be witty on the spot, but you'll gladly point to your chest to impress. And finally: Get rid of your bumper sticker, too.

A sarcastic comment:

They really should think about making an entire film with those Fandango puppets. The three-minute commercials show so much promise. We especially love the Indian segment with that "Chitra my queen" song.


Mariah Carey was caught holding hands with Eddie Murphy in Miami this weekend. Murphy's about to get divorced and Carey is looking to find someone to divorce at a later date. Remember when these people were famous?

Staff Picks:

Download this: The new Kanye West is as hot as the last Kanye West. New producer Jon Brion adds more layers and Common guest stars. And we mean download in the most legal sense. Or get it off BitTorrent ...

Watch this: HBO's new "epic" series "Rome" premiered last week. It's no "Sopranos," of course, but what is? Maybe it will fill our "Six Feet Under"-pre "Entourage" void, despite its ceaselessly ridiculous opening credits.

Read this: This blog has been going strong for years, with updates and articles about all kinds of media, with a focus on music. Lots of live music every day and a weekly feature where blogger David tells us what he's going to buy this week.

Quote of the week

Puff the Magic Diddy spoke these mystical words at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards. Nothing happened, of course, except our brains exploded because it was the most mind-numbingly boring three hours of the year.