100 parking spots still available

By Mitra Taj
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 8, 2005

There are more than 1,000 students on the Zone 1 waiting list this year, but there are also 100 permits still available for a different parking lot, officials said.

Patrick Kass, director of Parking and Transportation Services, said to ease parking problems, about 1,070 Zone 1 parking spaces south of Sixth Street were removed this semester and turned into a new parking zone.

But some Zone 1 students are still parking in the old spaces and wasting time circling full lots, Kass said.

"People are parking illegally or fighting for parking or circling around until spaces free up," said Kass. "We've broken up Zone 1 because people aren't using the lots south of Sixth Street."

About 1,600 people are on the Zone 1 waiting list, but there are about 100 South of Sixth permits still for sale at the same price as Zone 1 lots: $235 for the fall and spring semesters, Kass said.

"They can walk into our office right now and get one," said Kass. "We're trying to be able to manage parking better so that people know where they can park."

Another 150 South of Sixth spaces are still being added to a new lot behind the Circle K on Sixth Street, which will further raise the number of South of Sixth permits available. The lot should be completed next week, weather permitting, Kass said.


Zone 1$235
South of 6th St.$235
Lot specific parking$350
Street parking$350
Reserved parking$1,000 plus
Disabled level 1$235
Disabled level 2$450
Commuter lots$115-$155
Evening (zone 1)$150 annual
Evening (garage)$80 semester

In addition to the developing lot, Kass said, two new Zone 1 lots have already opened this semester, adding 300 spaces for the 5,100 Zone 1 permit holders.

Kass said student frustrations about limited parking most likely spawn from only wanting to park in lots they are familiar with.

Many Zone 1 permit holders want to park in the same parking lots, often without knowing about spaces available in less visible Zone 1 lots, such as in the lot behind Coronado Residence Hall, where more than 30 spaces are usually open, Kass said.

Matt Stamm, a mechanical engineering junior, said he'd rather stay on the Zone 1 waiting list than be restricted to South of Sixth Zone parking.

"Most of my classes are in (the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering building), north of Speedway," said Stamm. "I prefer Zone 1. There are a lot of lots I can choose to park from."

Sho Shiratori, a pre-business sophomore and South of Sixth permit holder, said although his permit works well for him because he lives close by, he wishes less demand for South of Sixth permits would mean a less expensive cost for him.