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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, October 13, 2005

A collection of views, gripes and nonsense

Sarcastic comment

"Austin Powers 4" sounds pretty great, with Seth Green the only member of the cast returning to play a young Dr. Evil. Mike Myers really isn't that integral to the whole "Powers" film series anyway. I hope this means we can get "Deuce Bigalow 3" without Rob Schneider.

Gripe of the Week:

The drive to Phoenix and back on Interstate 10 is always a painful one. It's not that far, yet it feels incredibly far. But what makes me fume for pretty much all of the trip are the series of God-fearing billboards that aren't exactly new but still need to be stopped. My favorite of the "public service" announcements reads, "The real Supreme Court meets up here - God." Well, thanks for the lecture. If that's really the case, then why don't the evangelicals stop worrying about the Supreme Court here in the land of the heathens?


"Here's a guy out there lecturing people about drugs, but out-of-wedlock births don't seem to bother him" –Tony Danza, sticking it to Tom Cruise after the pregnancy announcement from girlfriend Katie Holmes. Who's the boss, Tom?

Random Review

In terms of quality Mexican food restaurants in town, Crossroads doesn't get the attention of a place like Mi Nidito. But next time you're heading down to Bill Clinton's stomping ground, go a bit farther to 2602 S. Fourth Ave. and check out Crossroads. Not only is it much cheaper, it has no wait. Plus, the carne seca is better than any I've had in Tucson.


Britney Spears has a baby now. But while she was all wrapped up in the whole birth thing, one of her husband's classy friends apparently stole a Britney/Kevin sex tape. And this one tops Paris', because it's a pregnant sex tape. The friend is holding the tape hostage, but hopefully will end up putting it online so we can all be more confused as to how Kevin Federline snagged him a pop star.

Renée Zellweger went from attractive and talented Damien Rice to talented and weird-looking Jack White to super-untalented Kenny Chesney. Next, she will most likely try someone untalented and unattractive. Which musician will she find love with next?

A) Chad Kroger

B) Chester Bennington

C) Melissa Etheridge

D) Chingy

Internet fun

Download this: The biggest song of the year - at least in terms of number of artists - is "Do They Know It's Halloween?" The benefit spoof song that is also actually a benefit song for UNICEF was written by a former member of the Unicorns and features the likes of Beck, the Arcade Fire, the Postal Service and even comedian David Cross. Plus, it's a pretty good song.

Read this: An "anything interesting blog" with technology playing a leading role, this should be read daily to keep up on things like "How to make a robot statue from an iPod box."

Watch this: If you haven't seen it, I feel obligated to point you to the brilliant re-edited "Shining" trailer. Not only is it hilarious, but it teaches an important lesson to the masses: Don't expect the movie to be anything like the trailer. Case in point: "Elizabethtown."

- By Nate Buchik.