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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
photo A day without an American

Rep. J.D. Hayworth, R-Ariz., seems to be one of the few members of the Arizona delegation to Congress who offers any real solutions to the illegal immigration problem that does not involve the ill-advised call for amnesty that was repeatedly followed in the mid-1980s and only resulted in millions of illegal immigrants currently residing in this country.

And illegal immigration is a problem. A big, ever more expensive problem in the way of illegal immigrants collecting on benefits, clogging our justice system and bringing more violent crime (as if Tucson's crime rate wasn't high enough because of our own home-grown criminal scum). [Read article]

ASUA out of touch

On Thursday evening, the men behind the socially idolized characters of Kip and Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite" will grace the UA campus compliments of the student government Speakers Board.

But, following the trend of most other events organized by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, complications have arisen, which all boil down to a single point: Students just don't care enough to attend. [Read article]

Students: Join in solar effort

"We (humans) are now putting seven times as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as we were in the early 1950s!" This was the shocking revelation that Karl Hodges made at a recent meeting at the Eller College of Management. He is a retired professor of agriculture and life sciences from this university and is intimately familiar with issues of carbon emissions in the global atmosphere.

Today, one enjoys the luxury of stepping outside a smoke-filled bar to catch a breath of fresh air outside. Picture the day when we can no longer breathe the atmospheric air. Just as we use bottled water today to mitigate the problem of polluted water, the need to wear air masks in some crowded cities today serves as a harbinger of an era when one may need to buy bottled air too! [Read article]

Editorial: Credentials, experience should be focus of committee

With the Presidential Search Committee gearing up to replace President Peter Likins, it was almost inevitable that some students and administrators would advocate for the selection of a female or Hispanic president.

But while such assertions are laden with good intentions, the selection of our next president should be blind to gender or race, instead focusing on a quality that Likins has so ably evinced - the ability to lead. [Read article]


Separation of church, state draws 'fuzzy' line in practice

As an alumnus I have the privilege to enjoy from afar the debates that occur on campus. Recently I enjoyed the opinion piece by Silas Montgomery, however I was a little disappointed at some of the responses it received for their lack of constitutional awareness. I am also a second-year law student at Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago. As such, I feel compelled to correct a misunderstanding that was fairly well represented in the letters published on Friday. [Read article]

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