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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Panel addresses undergrads


Students want nonconforming UA president

Undergraduate students told committee members yesterday they want a president who can address faculty and student retention while also keeping lines of communication open for students.

The Presidential Search Committee assured students at the undergraduate forum that the new president will be able to tackle and address student needs, although the committee was unable to offer solutions to many of the issues UA faces. [Read article]

· Mental illness conquerable
· Most dorm evictions result from drug usage
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Radenovic, home sweet home


Serbia and Montenegro has been tormented by violence, wars and political turmoil, but amid the chaos, the country has produced world-renowned basketball stars like Vlade Divac and Peja Stojakovic.

Junior forward Ivan Radenovic of the Arizona men's basketball team called the country home for most of his life, and last summer, he was able to return to his old stomping grounds.

Radenovic first arrived at Arizona in spring 2003 and quickly had to adjust to the different lifestyle as well as the heightened speed of the game. [Read article]

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· Women's Ultimate Frisbe Team: Plastic makes the perfect experience for women's ultimate team
· A slice of bacon: What is fan old fan to do?
· Soccer's Tobias loses appeal on overtime loss
· Freshman linebacker Palmer looks to bring the noise against Ducks
· On the air

Give me liberty at my death


Today's value wars are so heated because we, as voters, never get to decide. We feel so angry because issues such as abortion and religious displays in state institutions are not being decided by "we the people," but rather by the courts.

A new controversy in this legal minefield currently envelops an Oregon law. Known as the Death With Dignity Act, the law allows willing doctors to prescribe medications that terminally ill patients take to end their lives. [Read article]

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· Writing in the margins: Voters, take a left
· Editorial: America still not secure
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Latest Issue: October 13, 2005


Bevelvision: High art for the whole family

The Mat Bevel Institute is the only bit of color you'll find on a nondescript stretch of road on North Stone Avenue, which leads into downtown. A barren enclosed yard fronts a sky-blue brick building with the word "Bevel" painted on its left corner. Except for the color there's really nothing much to the outside of the building.

Yet, the blah, humdrum exterior completely belies what you'll find inside. [Read article]

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Latest Issue: October 18, 2005


What can be said about hair that hasn't been said before? It's important? Well, it protects our heads from all kinds of calamities: low branches, the hot Arizona sun, bird poop.

After all, the existence of hair has been a pivotal part of our human history. The cave men pulled the cave women by it during the Ice Age. Rapunsel let her man climb up it for wild nights of tower partying and fairy tale sex. Even today, don't we judge all politicians by the size and greatness of their hair? (So why didn't Kerry win then?) [Read article]


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